Colorado summer camp

High Ropes

You have climbed the telephone pole. You are standing on the platform 30 feet above the ground as the pole sways back and forth. You summons the courage to let go of the pole, steady yourself, and jump for the swing. The rush of adrenaline is awesome. The Cheley Camps High Ropes Course is breathtaking. With views of the Mummy Range and Longs Peak, campers challenge themselves to trust in each other, overcome their fears, and stretch outside their comfort zones. Maybe it is the zip line, the leap of faith or another one of the over 20 elements on the course, each one will create a memory to last for many years. Every unit at camp will have multiple opportunities to spend time on our new High Ropes Course in Colorado.

"The best angle to approach any problem is from the TRY ANGLE."
Trigger Bill

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