The camp you select for your child will hopefully be the camp they call a second home for many years to come, which is why we offer Quarter B-4, our five-night introduction program. For children wanting a taste of the Cheley Experience, QB4 gives campers a window into Cheley and allows them to play and build independence. QB4 takes place once a summer and is split up into two age groups: the PIKAS for 7- & 8-year-olds and the MARMOTS for 9- & 10-year-olds.

For Children 7 to 8 Years Old

Every camper will do each of the activities listed with program occurring each day (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday).

  • Archery
  • Challenge Course
  • Climbing Wall
  • Crafts
  • Hiking
  • Lil’ Ranchers
  • Outcamping


Traditional night, Sing along, Skit practice, All Camp Campfire

What is a Unit?

Our 5-day program, Quarter B-4, is divided into two units, organized according to age & gender, and offers the same renowned Cheley Experience staffed by 10 to 12 enthusiastic counselors. Quarter B-4: Pikas has a capacity of 80 campers. Each group has 4 cabins with 10 campers each.

Each unit has its own well-maintained lodge, boathouse, and living spaces. We are a large camp, but this setup ensures individualized attention for each camper. Quarter B-4 is located at Land O’Peaks (LOP). During QB4, campers at Cheley participate in program with their cabin and campfire with their unit, although some opportunities do occur with all of Quarter B-4.

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