Forms & Dates

Are You Ready to Apply?

While we have a rolling hiring process, be sure to get your application in early, especially if you have specific position preferences. We prioritize applicants that can work the entire summer. Limited positions are available with an end date of August 6. Review our dates below and on your application, please note your availability.

Applications Open: October 18
Interviews Conducted: Starting November 1
All Staff Arrive: June 3

Staff Dates
June 3Staff Training Begins
June 13First Term Begins
July 9First Term Ends
July 10Midterm
July 11Second Term Begins
August 6Second Term Ends
August 7Midterm
August 8Quarter B-4 and Family Camp Begin
August 13Quarter B-4 and Family Camp Ends

Contract Ends: August 13

Some positions require additional training, whether it be specialty, program, or certification; therefore, contract dates may extend beyond the above dates and will be discussed in the interview process. Please review those dates below.

PositionTraining Date
Outcamping CoordinatorMay 16
Pre-Camp LeadersMay 17
Pre-Camp and CheDOTMay 18
Head Cooks and Ropes Course FacilitatorsMay 22
Horseback Riding Counselors and Barn CrewMay 26
Directors and Assistant DirectorsMay 30
Hiking, Backpacking, and HBO CounselorsMay 30
All Staff Arrival by Staff TrainingJune 3

What We Need

  1. Thoroughly read our website, employment information, and other resources for staff to understand the Cheley Experience and what to expect as a staff member and in each position.
  2. Fill out and complete our online application. Please take time to thoughtfully answer each question and select the appropriate position preference(s) for your age, skills, and interest.
  3. If we decide to move forward with your application, we will contact you via email to schedule a time that works for your interview.

    Interviews are scheduled on Zoom, typically from 8AM – 3PM mountain time, although we sometimes offer in-person interviews for local applications. The interview isn’t just for us to get to know you better, but it’s also for you to decide if camp is a good fit for you. Ultimately, we want all our staff to be successful! Prior to your interview, please read the job descriptions for your position choices and prepare any questions. Based on the initial interview, additional interviews may be scheduled.

  4. Provide three (3) references. Send this reference link to three people (non-family members). Applications are not complete until all references are received
  5. If we have a position available, we will be in touch within two weeks.
  6. If you are offered a position via email and accept that position, you will receive a “Welcome!” email from our Human Resources Manager detailing how to self-on-board through Paycom. After completing this self-onboarding, they will approve your profile. You will be notified when paperwork items are ready.

Other Information

Certification Requirements and Bonuses

Staff members must obtain required certifications depending on their position prior to the start of Staff Training. While we offer courses (CPR, First Aid, WFA) during Staff Training for a cost, we highly encourage getting it done prior to then. If hired, you will receive a list of ACA-approved certification providers.

Staff members are also eligible to receive bonuses for relevant certifications based on current, nationally recognized certifications and organizations. Certifications earned at Cheley Colorado Camps during Staff Training in 2023 are not eligible for the additional bonus. If contract dates are not met, your certification bonus is forfeited.

  • Teaching (1-3 Years): $200
  • Teaching (4-10 Years): $400
  • WFA: $100
  • WFR: $200
  • OEC Ski Patrol: $200
  • WEMT/EMT: $250
  • CDL License (CheDOT drivers only): $350
  • ACCT, CWI, High Ropes Level 1: $200
  • High Ropes Level 2: $250

If you have other certifications you feel will be valuable to the Cheley Experience, we would be happy to discuss those with you during the interview process.


While working, staff members have access to seasonal outdoor “pro-deal” discounts and a discount card, good at a variety of Estes Park establishments. You will also save money during the summer as a result of having few expenses!


Staff are responsible for their transportation to and from camp. If you have a car, we recommend you drive to camp. If you are flying to camp, we do not provide transportation from Denver International Airport (DEN) except in rare circumstances and for international staff. We recommend utilizing the Estes Park Shuttle, which offers a reliable, daily scheduled shuttle service between Denver International Airport and the Estes Valley Area.

To assist with travel expenses, we provide a travel allowance of a fixed rate determined by where you are traveling from. You will be eligible for a travel allowance upon successful completion of your contract dates and positive job performance reviews. If contract dates are not met, your travel allowance is forfeited.

Note: First-year international staff do not receive travel allowance, and we will meet them at the airport. Returning international staff receive a $230 travel allowance. Staff only working Quarter B-4 or Family Camp receive a $50 travel allowance.

Salary Information

Base salaries are specific to each position and are either a weekly rate or hourly rate. Housing and meals are provided, and staff members are expected to live at camp. We provide bonuses for each additional summer that staff return.

Hourly Staff: Our goal is to provide around 40 hours per week. $200 per week is deducted from hourly staff for room and board.

Being Paid: The pay schedule varies and staff are paid via direct deposit. Typically, paydays are at the end of designated camp periods for those specific staff. For 2023, the paydays are:

  • May 25th (Discovery)
  • June 5th (Discovery, Pre-camp, Pre-Staff Training)
  • June 16th (Staff Training)
  • July 10th (First Term)
  • August 7th (Second Term)
  • August 21st (Quarter B-4/Family Camp/Teen Summit/Burn Camp)

International Staff

Due to J-1 Visa regulations, we are unable to hire internationals directly without the use of a certified visa sponsor agency. These agencies will help you through the rigorous screening process in your home country before interviewing with us. Please contact one of the following visa sponsor agencies who may work in your home country: Camp Counselors USACamp LeadersCamp AmericaInternational Exchange of North America, and Wild Packs. Staff should have the ability to communicate conversationally in English.

Additional Opportunities for Income and Fun!

In August at the end of the summer, most of our staff return to university/college, study abroad, work, or pursue another opportunity; however, some stay later! Our programs extend through the fall with exciting opportunities for staff.

Additional Opportunities
Teen Summit #1August 8 – August 13
Burn CampAugust 12 – August 20
Teen Summit #2August 14 – August 19
Post-camp Work CrewAugust 13 – August 24
DiscoveryAugust 20 – Mid-October (exact date TBD)

Internship Opportunities

Due to the demands placed on you as a Cheley staff member, you will not be able to complete online classes, extra work, or any additional responsibilities outside of the Cheley Experience.

We are happy to provide an internship within the framework of our typical available summer positions. If you are interested in earning internship credits while at camp, please let us know. Internships at camp can provide meaningful work and life skills, such as leadership, problem-solving, teamwork, communication, work ethic, flexibility, and more, as well as professional tools. We can work with your university/college as needed to coordinate this arrangement and fulfill your internship requirements.

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