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Dates & Tuition

Thank you for your interest in Cheley Colorado Camps! We use a staggered enrollment system as detailed below along with more information about the enrollment process. Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Then, a waitlist is created. Although it’s impossible to generalize as it changes each summer, some Summer Camp units fill sooner than others. Quarter B-4 and Family Camp also tend to fill quite quickly.

We try our very best to accommodate every camper. That being said, our camp units do have varying capacities, so we rarely recommend waiting to enroll. For more information about our availability, please contact our Enrollment Manager, Peggy.

Summer Camp 2024

Our 27-Day Program for 9 to 17-year-olds

The Cheley Experience has a distinct beginning, middle, and end. Our flagship program is a traditional 27-day overnight summer camp experience, offering two unique sessions: First Term and Second Term. We strongly believe that this is the necessary amount of time for our campers to unplug and settle into their time in the Colorado Rockies. It also gives campers time to create meaningful relationships that will last a lifetime while developing new skills. Friendships, group bonding, and community building begin on the very first day. We also have significant closure activities at the end of each term. Because it is highly disruptive to the overall camp experience, late arrivals and early departures are very strongly discouraged. If our dates do not work for your family, please consider switching terms or postponing your enrollment. If you are unsure what unit is the best fit for your camper, contact our office.

First TermJune 11th to July 7th$7250$1000
Second TermJuly 9th to August 4th$7250$1000
Full SeasonJune 11th to August 4th$14500$1000

Quarter B-4 2024

Our 5-Day Program for 8 to 10-year-olds

For campers interested in Cheley, but either too young or not quite ready for four – or even eight! – weeks, we have Quarter B-4, a four-night overnight summer camp experience. This is a wonderful way for 8 to 10-year-olds to dip their toes into camp before jumping into 27 days. However, for those families who will want their child to remain a short-session camper indefinitely, we are not the right camp. Once campers are 11 years old, they must attend Cheley for four weeks (27 days). If you’re unsure what session length is the best fit for your camper (or you, we understand!), contact our office!

Important Updates for 2024: We have made the difficult but necessary decision to adjust the minimum eligibility age for Quarter B-4: Pikas to 8 years old. We want to ensure that all campers enjoy the most enriching Cheley Experience possible, and after careful consideration, we have found that most 7-year-olds are not quite ready for our overnight experience. This change is designed to better provide 8 to 10-year-olds with the opportunity to ease into camp life before embarking on our 27-day program. We also have made a slight adjustment to the program’s length, shortening it by one night. Starting in 2024, Saturday will still be a full day of exciting activities and follow a very similar schedule to what our camp families have come to expect from our Quarter B-4 program; however, campers will not be spending the night. Instead, they will be picked up on Saturday afternoon. We have found that they do not require the additional night on Saturday; and by shortening the program, we believe we can maintain the same level of fun and engagement while allowing campers to spend Sunday at home with their families.

Pikas 8 year-oldsAugust 6th to August 10th$1200$500
Marmots 9 & 10 year-oldsAugust 6th to August 10th$1550$500

Family Camp 2024

Our 5-Day Program for Families

Wagon of 4August 6th to August 11th$3200$1000
Each additional person$500

Terms and Conditions

Staggered Enrollment System

Interested in registering for 2024? Be sure to set a calendar reminder for open enrollment. While we keep registration open as long as spots are available, registering early gives you the best chance to get your camper enrolled!

Enrollment TypeStarting Date
Current Camper Re-EnrollmentFinal SaturdaySummer Camp
New Campers from Camp FamiliesSeptember 15th, 2023 at 10am MTSummer Camp, Quarter B-4
Open EnrollmentOctober 1st, 2023 at 10am MTSummer Camp, Quarter B-4, Family Camp


If you register before November 1st for Summer Camp, you will receive a $200 early-bird discount. If you pay in full by January 15th for Summer Camp, you will receive a $75 discount. Siblings, not including the first child, will receive a $150 discount for Summer Camp and a $50 discount for Quarter B-4.

Payment Schedule

We offer a variety of payment options, including the schedule seen below, to suit the needs of your family; nevertheless, all payments must be received by May 1st, 2024. Failure to do so may result in your camper’s withdrawal from camp. We encourage families to use ACH payments (eChecks), which draft directly from your checking or savings account.

To cover the cost of processing a credit or charge card transaction, and pursuant to section 5-2-212, Colorado Revised Statutes, a seller or lessor may impose a processing surcharge in an amount not to exceed 2% of the total payment made for goods or services purchased or leased by use of a credit or charge card. A seller or lessor shall not impose a processing surcharge on payments made by use of cash, a check, or a debit card or redemption of a gift card.

Cancellation Fees

Summer CampQuarter B-4Family Camp
Before January 1$300 per term$200$400
January 1 – January 31$500$200$400
February 1 – February 28 (or 29)$700$200$600
March 1 – March 31 $1,000$300$1,000
April 1 – April 30$2,000$500$1,600
May 1 – Camp Start DateFull TuitionFull TuitionFull Tuition


Once Summer Camp, Quarter B-4, or Family Camp is full, then a waitlist is created in the order that we receive applications. There is no deposit required to join the waitlist. For Summer Camp, waitlists are per unit per term. For Quarter B-4, there are waitlists for the Pikas and for the Marmots.

Again, thanks for wanting to join us this summer! We know that being put on a waitlist can be challenging. It is our goal to make this process as easy and straightforward as possible. Know that there is still hope for a great summer and that we give our waitlist thoughtful attention. Between now and the start of camp, our enrollment is bound to change as families change their summer plans. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to predict exactly how many spaces will open for a given unit and/or term. Historically, we have not had many cancellations for Quarter B-4 or Family Camp. When this happens, and we can move a camper off the waitlist, we do it immediately. We will both email and call using the information from your waitlist application on CampBrain if we have a spot available for your camper.

We are unable to increase our capacity primarily due to occupancy restrictions, space in our dining halls for meals, staffing concerns, programming, and more. We wish we could provide space for every interested camper, and we appreciate your understanding of the constraints.


Do you offer financial assistance?

If you are in need of financial assistance, please visit A Thousand Summers, previously the John Austin Cheley Foundation (JACF), which was established in 1989 to honor the memory of John Austin (Jack) Cheley to help fulfill his dream of making a summer camp experience available to deserving youth who could not otherwise afford it. Since 1989, the Foundation has provided over 1,400 camperships valued today at over $8 million.

Camperships are open to youth from families whose financial circumstances would mean that a high-quality residential camp experience would be unattainable without external financial support. The specific financial circumstances of a family will determine whether they are eligible for Full Support or Partial Support as defined in the JACF Income Eligibility and Family Contribution Table.

The JACF establishes relationships with youth-mentoring, non-profit organizations, and schools as well as independent volunteers to help them identify great applicants interested in a summer camp experience at Cheley or one of their other partner camps. These Mentors play a critical role in guiding a child and family through the application process, assisting award recipients in preparing for camp, advising through the Capstone Service Project requirements, and helping the Foundation with follow-up after camp.

We invite you to join us in honoring Jack’s vision and the wonderful work of A Thousand Summers by supporting the ‘JACK CHELEY ENDOWED CAMPERSHIP’ fund that will ensure that a deserving camper attends Cheley Colorado Camps every year in Jack’s name, in perpetuity, developing lasting character and resiliency for the recipient through challenging experiences in a supportive and natural environment – just as Jack intended. To donate to A Thousand Summers, please Sponsor a Camper.

Do you recommend summer camp trip insurance?

If you feel that there is even a remote possibility that you will need to cancel your camper’s enrollment, we suggest you purchase Cancellation Insurance. We recommend the A+ Program Protection through TravMark.

If you feel there is a significant chance of needing to cancel enrollment, especially after May 1, 2024, this program is only available to purchase during the enrollment process (or within 20 days after initial payment). Please evaluate this “Cancel For Any Reason” insurance plan carefully and determine if it is a good fit for your circumstances. When using the “Cancel For Any Reason” benefit, the plan pays out 65% of tuition.

Are there any extra costs?

Tuition includes board and lodging and the complete camp program. All expenses are included except personal expenses. These expenditures, such as sleeping bag rentals, treats, personal items, store items, travel arrangements, bus transportation between Denver and camp, and baggage handling are handled through CampBrain and are not part of tuition.

Is there a camp store?

Yes! The store is open for 45 minutes each morning for campers to purchase needed supplies and equipment, as well as gift items and clothing items. Each afternoon the store is open for one hour for ‘treats.’ Treats is a chance for campers to buy a snack and hang out with their friends in a relaxed setting. Campers in Lower Chipeta, Lower Ski Hi, and all Quarter B-4 campers can purchase one treat per day ($1.50 or less) while campers in other units may purchase two treats. Campers also have the opportunity to rent a sleeping bag and pad ($30) from the Camp Store. During Summer Camp, the average camper spends $125 to $175 during a term. During Quarter B-4, the average camper spends $20 to $50.

The camp store does not accept cash. During the enrollment process in the Store Form, you will have the option to add a Camp Store “Deposit.” Put simply, this lets us know how much your camper can spend at the Camp Store. This deposit is not paid up front – you will only be charged for your camper’s purchases at the end of the summer (i.e., what they actually spend).

When campers visit the Camp Store, they can ask the Camp Store Manager what their remaining balance is – we call this their “Camp Store Wallet.” If at anytime during the summer your camper’s Camp Store Wallet reaches $25, we will contact you to see if you would like to raise their spending limit. You can also “add money” or request access to your camper’s Camp Store Wallet, including their balance and purchases, at any time by contacting us.

Again, you will only be charged for your camper’s purchases, not their entire deposit. At the end of each Summer Camp term during Final Saturday and on Departure Day for Quarter B-4, families may visit the camp store at Land O’Peaks and the TEs or browse online – credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Cash App, and Afterpay are accepted at both.

The Camp Store provides a great opportunity for campers to learn responsibility and work on decision-making skills. We highly recommend you sit down with your camper(s) to discuss the Camp Store and using credit  so that they know their spending limit and what they should be spending their credit on. A conversation about budgeting and only getting what is needed can provide a valuable lesson.

We have developed these Essential Eligibility Criteria (“EEC”) to educate all campers and their families on the essential criteria necessary to participate in our programs. Please read carefully! 

Next Steps

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