Working at Cheley

The Summer Camp Job

Girls laughing in circle.

Working at Cheley Colorado Camps, you will make a difference. Are you looking for an opportunity to get away and go somewhere new while having an impact? At Cheley, we view all of our staff as role models to the nearly 1000 campers that will attend our summer camp experience. We look to build campers confidence as they navigate the challenges of growing up in the 21st century. Your ability to make a difference in the lives of campers will have a profound impact on your campers, and even on you!

4 reasons to work at Cheley:

  • Make a Difference. You will have an impact. Period. Your campers will look up to you. To them, you walk on water. It’s an incredible responsibility, and an incredible opportunity! Out of our 220 staff, you will make life-long friends while being a part of a greater purpose during this unforgettable experience.
  • Real-World Application. Working at camp makes you marketable in any career. We hire staff who have a strong work ethic, and desire to continue their leadership development. Along with problem solving, you will learn management, goal setting, planning, and organization skills.
    During our intensive 10-day staff training you will gain experience in critical thinking, sound judgment, and self-awareness.
  • True Connection. This is the only industry where you get to spend quality time with young people without their devices. Sharing stories, giving of your time, and making each camper believe that they matter — this is where the magic of camp begins. Real connection happens face to face, and the connections you make at Cheley will improve your emotional intelligence.
  • Crazy Fun! Summer camp is meant to be fun. Our spontaneous staff, coupled with our incredible programming options, along with our unbelievable views and surroundings all combine to create an opportunity unlike any other. From dance parties to talent shows to team building games, our focus is on making this summer one to remember!

We can only deliver on the Cheley Experience with a commitment to our mission: We build the lasting character and resiliency of young people creating unique life experiences in a nurturing natural environment. This summer, choose an experience where you will have a blast, make a difference, and get paid for what you do!