Summer Roundup

Lower Ski Hi 2023


Laughter and cheers rang throughout camp, dust from the Gaga ball arena drifted through the air, horses were ridden, and hiking trails were explored. Our time in Lower Ski Hi sticks with every camper, and staff member. Our campers left behind many things in order to come to Cheley this summer: screens, familiarity, and the comfort of “modern” living. What they received in return is greater than anything they could’ve imagined: lifelong friendships, the ability to overcome many challenges, learning how to clean a cabin, and more!

Our horseback riding counselors, Savannah Stein, Ashley Robertson, and Michael Phillips, took the boys on many adventures on horseback. The following campers earned their Riding patch: Boden Haberkorn, Brooks Faris, Crawford Rogers, Eli Erb, Grady Haberkorn, Matthew Gallardo, Morrison Bump, Thomas Trueblood, and Thomas Van Ness. 

Our hiking counselors, Luke Gardiner and Aidan Patten, led day trips in Rocky Mountain National Parks to amazing summits and beautiful lakes, with wildlife sightings along the way. The following campers earned their Chipmunk patch: Asa Sattler, Augustine Hogan, Finley Zimmerman, and Patrick Wessel. 

Andrew Sullivan and Jack Hays led outcamps where campers spent time cooking outdoors, sleeping under the stars, and appreciating nature’s beauty. The following campers earned their Outcamping patch: Felix Wu, Jack Wegner, Leo Arnold, and Mason Mandel. 

Sports counselor, Leo Bayer, led all sorts of fun games and activities; riflery counselor, Wyatt Sherer, helped campers improve their skills at the range; general counselor, Lindsay Damian, helped in lots of different program areas; crafts counselors Calvin Wilson and Henry Martin helped campers channel creativity into art projects; and campfire counselor, Stephen Ber, brought everyone together at the end of each day with unit campfires. 

The following campers earned their Circle of Stars patch: Arlo Grossberg, Asa Hart, Earnest Seale, Everett Bump, Gavin Ahlberg, Joshua Yeager, Rex Broghammer, Triston Dougher, Waller Randle, Wesley Huxford, and William Tobin. The following campers earned their Spider patch: Earnest Seale, Erik Solander, Harrison Cunningham, Parker Wilson, and Warren Stading. 

The following campers received their Silver Coup: Marvel Ingram, Hayes Tobin, Fin Zimmerman, Leo Saks, Coleman Rice, Morrison Bump, Erik Solander, August Hogan, and Colt Johnson. 

Thank you for a great summer! 

Daniel Havel (T1) & Chase Manhart (T2), Directors
Jack McAvoy, Asst. Director
Sarah Anderson, Asst. Director