Summer Roundup

Lower Chipeta 2023


It was a joy having your campers in Lower Chipeta this summer! We made new friends, built community, tried new programs, and had a ton of fun over the summer. 

Our hiking program was lead by Sophie Whittington and Jenni Rowe. They led the campers on hikes to many amazing places including Half Mountain and Mt. Lady & Battle Mountain and helped campers to focus on not just the destination, but also the journey. The following campers earned their Chipmunk patch for hiking: Annelise Wachtman, Eva Sorenson, Louisa Engelbrink, Martha Hall, and Sally Gillikin. 

Our sports program was led by Lynsey Sibold and included activities like soccer, basketball, frisbee golf, archery, and climbing wall. The following campers did a lot of climbing and earned their Spider patch: Delaney Flanagan, Evelyn Higman, Helena Lambert, Jade Mathews, Josie Pryor, Quinn Clarke, Quinn Day, Ruby Crouppen, and Una Greevy

Our outcamping program was led by Kylie Holzman and Fiona Park. Campers spent two to three days at a time at one of our campsites and had ample time to help prepare meals, relax and enjoy being outdoors, and play a variety of games. The following campers earned their Outcamping patch: Amna Walter, Astrid Hattenbach, Cadence Dorr, Dylan Remley, Louisa Engelbrink, Luisa Morales, and Mary Strom. 

Our horseback riding program was led by Paige Alcott, Kayli Phillips, and Chloe Douglas. Our wranglers taught the girls games and new skills in the ring, went on many all day trail rides, and even a few overnights. The following campers earned their Riding patch: Abbie Greene, Caroline Boyle, Charlotte Colella, Ella McCormick, Garet Essin, Harper Reidy, Ilsley Trainer, Mabel Grimsley, Quinn Day, and Sophie Gottfried. 

General counselors Avery Peterson and Megan Lister helped in a variety of different programs. The following campers who participated in a number of different activities earned their Circle of Stars patch: Anna Johnson, Anusha Dearth, Campbell Olsen, Dylann Howell, Evelyn Higman, Everett Michael, Farah Milosevich, Hannah Stacey, Hazel Isgrig, Jade Mathews, Kensi Cozza, Lexi Comtois, Maisie Labrie, Paige Huston, Payton Ray, Quill Randle, Reagan Nanney, Rhyleigh Howell, and Sydney Elliott

Our crafts counselor, Karla Lechuga, helped campers find their creativity with a lot of different art projects. Our riflery counselor Ismini Andreou, helped campers reach their goals in our riflery program. Each night we came together as a unit to enjoy a campfire led by Ruby Brown. This was a time to decompress from the day, share time together doing fun activities, and build our community.  

At the end of each term, campers and staff select campers who most represent the Code of Living they created as a community at the start of the term. Congratulations to the following campers who received their Silver Coup recognition: Caddy Armstrong, Sammie Klebe, Ella Dozier, Hannah Federman, Vivi Kaplan, Garet Essin, Rhyleigh Howell, and Arya Collins.

Have a great school year! We hope you get the opportunity to return to the mountains soon.

Emelia Nordan, Directors
Shae Mermis, Asst. Director
Emmy Mae Speakman, Asst. Director