Ask a Camp Director

How Do Activity Sign-Ups Work at Cheley?


At Cheley, we believe in giving our campers a voice in their summer camp experience through our FunPlus® philosophy. This means allowing them to choose the activities they want to participate in, making their time at camp not only fun but personalized to their interests and goals.

Our free-choice sign-up system is designed to be flexible and adaptable, enabling each camper to explore new experiences while focusing on what they enjoy most. Here’s an overview of how our sign-up process works and what it means for your camper:

Orientation Day and Weekly Sign-Ups

On Orientation Day and every Sunday after, campers learn about the various activities offered throughout the week. They have the chance to ask questions and express their interest in different activities to their counselors. By signing up for daily activities each week, campers can plan their schedule in advance and explore their passions.

This weekly sign-up system offers your child the freedom to try new activities each week or continue with those they already love. If they want to explore something new, they can easily switch up their choices the following week.

Encouraging a Well-Rounded Experience

We encourage campers to try various activities during their time at Cheley. Regardless of the activities they’re drawn to, we want them to stretch their boundaries and discover the full range of what we offer. Campers interested in specific activities may work towards earning patch recognition, which rewards their dedication and progression.

The Cheley Method

A Fair and Organized Approach

Our sign-up process is about providing campers with choices and guiding them in setting priorities while also teaching them how to handle possible disappointment. The Cheley Method ensures a fair and efficient process for all campers:

  • Group Assignments: Campers are divided into three groups (e.g., A, B, and C), which take turns signing up for activities each week. The order in which groups sign up changes each week to ensure fairness.
  • Activity Presentations: Counselors enthusiastically present each activity, highlighting its unique aspects and benefits. Campers can ask questions to make informed decisions about which activities they’d like to participate in.
  • Sign-Up System: Campers approach counselors at designated sign-up tables to choose their activities. If there is space available, campers can sign up for their top choices. If an activity is full, campers need to make alternative selections from the other available options.
  • Random Selection for High-Demand Activities: For special activities with limited spots, such as overnights or early breakfast hikes (EBs), we use a stick draw system to randomly select participants. This ensures every camper has an opportunity to participate in high-demand activities.
  • Adjustments for Preferences: While we strive to accommodate campers’ preferences, there may be times when they do not get their top choices. If this happens, campers will be encouraged to sign up for different activities, allowing them to experience something new and exciting.

The Cheley Method helps us manage the sign-up process efficiently while balancing fairness and camper satisfaction. By rotating the order in which groups sign up each week, we give every camper a fair chance at their preferred activities.

Go-To Counselors and Follow-Up

Each camper is assigned a go-to counselor who checks in with them about their schedule and how sign-ups are going. This personal approach ensures campers get the activities they want and have a fulfilling experience at camp.

Our sign-up process aims to create a seamless and stress-free experience for all campers, fostering independence and self-confidence. By providing opportunities for choice and guiding them through the process, we help campers make the most of their time at Cheley.

We hope this overview gives you a better understanding of how we manage activity sign-ups and how we work to ensure your camper has an enriching summer camp experience. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us! We’re always here to help.