Summer Roundup

Girls’ Trail’s End 2023


It’s been a great summer at Girls’ Trail’s End! We had so many amazing accomplishments this year. Our campers peaked Longs and Spearhead, hiked across the Continental Divide a few times, rode horses, rafted, rode bikes, built fires without matches, played hard and laughed even harder.  

Our hiking program was led by Kate Gillikin and Marcy Senti, along with our HBO (hiking/backpacking/out of camp activities) Marie Schmitz. They led the campers on hikes to many amazing places and helped campers to focus on not just the destination, but also the journey. The following campers earned their Hiking patch: Ayla Levy, Bre Watkins, Bridger Kripke, Brinley Betts, Eliza Grossman, Eliza Rinehart, Eva Cotton, Evie Martens, Georgia Triplett, Lila Creasy, Ruby Montoya, and Nola Gross.  

Our backpacking program was led by Lily Hobart and Taylor Lewis. Campers went to unique destinations, spending anywhere from two to five days in the backcountry. The following campers earned their Backpacking patch: Ali Bashara, Cecilia Loughlin, Charlotte Vogen, Cybele Pirko, Eliza Grossman, and Sam Schoolman. 

Our mountain bikers were led by Kendall Smith-Williams and tackled day trips, overnights, and the Cheley Challenge. Our outcamping program was led by Jamie Baggett. Campers spent two to three days at a time at one of our campsites and had ample time to help prepare meals, relax and enjoy being outdoors, and play a variety of games. Campers who spent time out of camp on a variety of programs earned their On the Trail patch. Congratulations to: Abby Pikelny, Catherine Bailey, Eliza Rinehart, Eva Lavallee, Khai Levey, Kira Bardin, Olivia Haberman, Sarah Nguyen, Simone Hatfield, and Tessa Doebele. 

Our horseback riding program was led by Victoria Bostrom, Estie Seligman, and Cricket Conway. Our wranglers taught the girls games and new skills in the ring, went on many all-day trail rides, and even a few overnights. The following campers earned their Riding patch: Addison Bachrach, Eastlyn Hoffman, Helen Rinehart, Izzy Wrobleski, Jay Jordan, Maite Irigoyen, Maja Hursh, Marlo Gilbert, Melania Padron, Milo Maynard, Riley Bachrach, Sarah Nguyen, Seraphine Nevels, Summer Mansfield, and Tessa Doebele. 


General counselors Leah Wood and Mimi Seligman led campers on different adventures, including stand up paddleboarding in Longmont and whitewater rafting in Fort Collins. Our craft counselor, Ashleigh Pollan, helped campers find their creativity with a lot of different art projects. Our riflery counselor Amy Jayne Morrissett, helped campers reach their goals in our riflery program. Each night we came together as a unit to enjoy a campfire led by Alli Williams. This was a time to decompress from the day, share time together doing fun activities, and build our community.  

Thank you to our Campers in Leadership Training (CILTs): Isabella Dorr, Kimmy Eggen, Ava Goldson, Brodie Rodemacher, Kendall Newsome, Laurel Foster, Madeline Wadsworth, Monika Shaffer, Violet Wexler, and Willow Whelan. 

At the end of each term, campers and staff select campers who most represent the Code of Living they created as a community at the start of the term. Congratulations to the following younger girls who received the Driver of the Covered Wagon recognition: Bridger Kripke, Charlotte Wadsworth, Eliana Parrella, Eliza Grossman, Kip Cashen, Maddie Couch, Sabine Rodemacher, Tinsley Shiflet, and Wynn Gilbert. Congratulations to the following older girls who received their Top Hand recognition: Bella Dorr, Cecilia Loughlin, Hannah Millkey, Jay Jordan, Lila Creasy, MJ Eggen, and Sam Mounce. 

Remember, you belong to Trail’s End, and Trail’s End belongs to you. 

Abby Page, Director
Amanda McKnight, Asst. Director