Summer Roundup

Chipeta 2023


Chipeta campers had a great summer exploring Cheley, Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, and beyond! Our campers challenged themselves to try new things and have new experiences, and many fell in love with programs they didn’t think they would enjoy. We loved watching them learn and grow over the course of the summer.

Kathryn Falzone and Max Tsui led our hiking program and our HBO (hiking/backpacking/out-of-camp activities) MK Greiner. They took the campers on hikes to many unique places and had much fun. The following campers earned their Hiking patches: Anika Grenney, Izzy Cunningham, Maddie Neece, Natalie Robertson, and Talbot Van Ness.

Emily Duggan and Katie Colgan led our backpacking program. Campers went to destinations and spent two to five days in the backcountry. The following campers earned their Backpacking patches: Cleo Trigg, Dorothy Thomas, Helen, Zamorano, Lily Warren, Lucie Amonett, and Sasha Stopek.

Our sports counselors, Danielle Day and Grace Conety, played many different sports with the campers, including basketball, frisbee, golf, soccer, and archery, and they supported them on the climbing wall. Riflery counselor Ashton Fulp helped campers learn new skills and meet their goals at the rifle range. These campers tried various programs over the term and earned their Pinecone patch: Dorothy Thomas, Ione Young, Laurel Grynwald, Melanie Bliss, and Rebeca Fernandez Salmon.

Campers who went outcamping spent two to three days at a time at one of our campsites and had ample time to help prepare meals, relax and enjoy being outdoors, and play a variety of games. Campers who spent time out of camp on a variety of programs earned their On the Trail patch. Congratulations to: Alice Engelbrink, Avery Smith, Bailey Rhodes, Bridget Zimmerman, Cate Strom, Clara Zamorano, Cleo Trigg, Ella Hanemann, Ella Timko, Emma Morson, Grey Perkins, Heidi Stauffer, Helen Zamorano, Izzy Cunningham, Lily Krattenmaker, Lily Warren, Lucie Amonett, Maddie Neece, Melanie Bliss, Natalie Robertson, Nora Wu, Rebeca Fernandez Salmon, Sasha Stopek, and Talbot Van Ness.

Our horseback riding program was led by Hannah Spratt and Leah Arnt. Our wranglers taught the campers games and new skills in the ring, went on many all day trail rides, and even a few overnights. The following campers earned their Riding patch: Agnes Sallick, Alyssa Sokolov, Annabelle Miller, Bailey Rhodes, Bridet Zimmerman, Curry Cutshaw, Elise Young, Eloise Morton, Emme Cecere, Izzy Cunningham, Lauren Obeney, Lily Krattenmaker, Livia Costa, Melanie Bliss, Natalie Holt, Noelle Dougher, Rylee Mirrell, Rylin Buckley, Sophie Natale, and Talbot Van Ness.


General counselors Maile Kaplan and Alexa Vinton led campers on different adventures, including stand-up paddle boarding in Longmont and whitewater rafting in Fort Collins. Our craft counselor, Ruby Frithsen, helped campers find their creativity with many art projects. Each night, we came together as a unit to enjoy a campfire led by Claire Hussey. This was a time to decompress from the day, share time together doing fun activities, and build our community.

At the end of each term, campers and staff select campers who most represent the Code of Living they created as a community at the start of the term. Congratulations to the campers who received the Silver Spurs recognition: Arabella Mordy, Avery Smith, Makena Hone, Melanie Bliss, Mia Barakat, Rebeca Fernandez Salmon, Rosie Sullivan, and Sasha Stopek.

We hope to see you again soon!

Katie Belle Perkins, Directors
Lana Winograde, Asst. Director
Katie Sellers, Asst. Director