Colorado summer camp

Getting Ready

We understand the concern and are monitoring the latest updates and developments regarding COVID-19, the novel coronavirus. We will continue to update our camp families as needed as it pertains to having an effect on our summer. Read our full response here. If you have other questions regarding COVID-19, please contact us.

Cheley Camps is located above 8,000 feet in elevation and our programs will take campers above 14,000 feet. Because of our location and the environment in the mountains, campers will experience warm days in the high 80s and can also experience cold days and temperatures below freezing. Standing on the summit of a mountain is one of the most rewarding experiences, as long as you have the appropriate equipment to keep you warm, dry and safe.

Click here for a Cheley Summer Camp Equipment List.

As you prepare for the Cheley Experience, keep things appropriate for the Colorado Mountains. In an outdoor mountain setting, short skirts and revealing shirts are not appropriate. It is not our intent to require parents to have to buy unnecessary equipment or clothing; however, participants need to be prepared for our climate and program of hiking, camping out, horseback riding, and climbing. Following are a few things to keep in mind for your Colorado summer camp preparation.

  • Camp is a great place to wear things out. Older, durable clothes are great for camp. For many of the items, you don’t need to go out and buy new things to bring to camp.
  • In some items, you get what you pay for. We do recommend durable hiking and riding boots, day packs, and rain gear. As far as a sleeping bag, it should have at least a 20 degree rating or lower (Cheley also has a rental sleeping bag program).
  • Laundry is sent out once a week, so quantities of clothing listed are sufficient to last six or seven days. Send only washable clothing that can be done in large commercial washers and dryers.
  • Camp will provide much of the equipment for program including internal frame backpacks for overnight backpack trips, tents, cooking stoves, all the tack and helmets for riding, and much of the equipment used to participate in the other camp programs.

We are happy to answer any questions in the Cheley office if you are unsure of which items to bring. Colorado summer camp preparation for the elements is something all our campers learn to appreciate.

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