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Campers Want to Know...

At Cheley Camps, we know how important it is for potential campers to gather all the information they can to make an educated decision. Below you'll find Colorado summer camp information and frequently asked questions about Cheley Camps. If you have further questions, please contact us anytime.

What does my day look like?
Camp days follow a schedule, with a 6:45 wake-up and 7:30 breakfast to get you off on the right foot. We serve three meals a day. Sometimes you eat off-site depending on the activity you’re doing that day. Everyone is usually back at camp around 4:30, with time for showers, shopping in the camp store or hanging out with friends. We follow a 6:00 dinner with good campfire fun, telling stories, singing camp songs and performing skits. It’s lights out by 9:30.

Is every day the same?
There’s a routine to camp life (wake-up, meals, evening campfires) that starts to feel familiar after a few days. But what you do during the day, and the people you’re with, will vary depending on the activity. One day you’re hiking, the next, mountain biking or on the rifle range. It’s really up to you.

Do we get to choose our activities?
Yes. We call it our free-choice program. Every Sunday you’ll choose your activities for the coming week. And all the choices at Cheley are great so you will have plenty to choose from each week.

What time do we get up?
Your week day starts with wake-up at 6:45, followed by breakfast in the dining hall at 7:30. Of course, if you sign up for a spectacular hike to catch the sunrise on a mountain peak, you’ll be up in the middle of the night. But that’s rare, and only if you choose. Sundays are sleep-in days. Until 7:30, that is.

Do we eat buffet style or like a family?
It won’t take long for camp to start to feel like a second family. Part of the feeling comes from sitting down together for meals and sharing them family style. By the way, our cooks get rave reviews. Campers love our food and there’s lots of it!

Do we ride horses every day?
Not unless you want to. And even if you want to, we’ll encourage you to try other things. Horses are simply one choice among many terrific activities.

Can I bring my iPad?
Camp is fun without all the electronic stuff we have in our daily lives. Most of our campers comment that they feel more relaxed without the pressure of social media.  When you come to camp you unplug the electronics: email, iPad, Internet, and cell phone. You might miss them for a couple of days. And then you’ll notice that you have more time, and that you feel more relaxed. Besides, lots of other fun activities are available to fill your days.  Watch our video We Took Away Their Devices and Look What Happened.

Will I have my own bathroom?
At camp you share the bathroom with lots of people. It’s in a separate building called a bathhouse, just a short distance from your cabin or wagon. It’s not fancy but it’s clean, with electric lights, flush toilets and individual showers.

Is it dark at night in my cabin?
When it’s lights out at camp, it’s really dark, although billions of stars twinkle overhead. But remember, you’re not alone. You’ve got counselors and friends and you’re all snuggled down peacefully in a cozy cabin. You get to keep a flashlight in your bed, so you can always find your way. Moonlit nights at camp are extra special, like an added bonus at the end of your day.

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