Preparing for Camp

10 Ways to Prepare Your Camper for Sign-Ups


To help your camper make the most of the sign-up process at Cheley, there are a few ways you can prepare them for the experience and set them up for success:

  1. Encourage Self-Advocacy: Teach your camper to speak up for themselves and express their interests confidently. Encourage them to ask questions during activity presentations and communicate their preferences clearly to their counselors.
  2. Set Expectations: Let your camper know they might not always get their first choice, especially for popular activities with limited spots. Emphasize the importance of having backup options and being open to new experiences.
  3. Discuss the Value of Flexibility: Help your camper understand the benefits of trying new activities. Being flexible and open to different options can lead to exciting discoveries and memorable moments at camp.
  4. Practice Decision-Making: Allow your camper to practice making choices before camp starts. You can simulate a sign-up process at home to help them prioritize and choose between different options.
  5. Teach Resilience and Patience: Sign-ups can sometimes involve waiting in line or dealing with disappointment. Discuss the importance of being patient and resilient when things don’t go their way.
  6. Encourage Positive Attitude: Remind your camper to stay positive and enthusiastic about the camp experience, regardless of which activities they end up participating in. A good attitude can make any experience enjoyable.
  7. Goal-Setting: Work with your camper to set personal goals for their time at camp. This can provide campers with a sense of purpose and direction for their activity choices.
  8. Communicate with Their Go-To Counselor: Encourage your camper to connect regularly with their go-to counselor, who can provide guidance and support throughout their camp experience.
  9. Teach Etiquette: Talk to your camper about respecting other campers during the sign-up process, practicing patience and fairness, and being mindful of others’ choices.
  10. Have Fun: Above all, remind your camper to enjoy the camp experience and embrace the opportunity to try new things and make new friends!

By preparing your camper with these tips, you can help them navigate the sign-up process with confidence and an open mind. This will enable them to make the most of their time at Cheley and enjoy a well-rounded camp experience.

We hope you find these tips helpful as you prepare your camper for sign-ups at Cheley. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re always here to help!