Colorado summer camp

Pass the Mashed Potatoes, Please.

Nothing triggers an appetite like fresh mountain air. Plus, you burn more calories at altitude, no matter what you’re doing. This is why quality food preparation is important to us. You’ll be happy to know that food tastes better up here. Maybe it’s our terrific cooks or the fact that we love good food. Who knows? The food at this camp is simply yummy. And there’s lots of it.

After singing thanks, we serve our meals family-style, which enhances the experience of being part of a large family. Mealtime is a great opportunity to connect with friends before you head out for the day, and again over dinner when you return. Cheley's summer camp food keeps the smiles on our campers' faces. Tales of daring and fearless adventure fly across the tables every evening.

Land O’ Peaks Ranch has two large dining lodges, one for boys and one for girls. Girls' Trail's End and Boys' Trail's End each have their own dining hall. All four lodges have a Cheley-certified cook, which means you’ll have good food regardless of which camp you’re in. Please contact us in advance if you have special dietary considerations. We’ll do our best to accommodate you. Soy and almond milk are always available for those who prefer it.


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