Camp News

Announcing the 2023 CILTs!


We are so excited to officially announce the CILTs for the Summer of 2023! Last summer, we had over sixty campers apply for the CILT program. We are humbled by the fact that we have this many campers who are still dedicated to attending camp following their junior and senior years of high school. This decision process is one of the most difficult decisions each year as we have watched so many of the applicants grow up at camp.

While we make every effort to accept all qualified candidates, we have learned that the CILT experience can be compromised if we accept too many participants. That said, the set number for each unit varies. We also take into consideration the connection between the campers, the experience of the director and assistant director of the specific unit, and the demographics of the unit. Unfortunately, there are many times when we are not able to accept a camper who has been to camp for many years. Campers may also choose not to participate in the program and, instead, make the decision to return as a camper.

The individuals below have been selected based on their past involvement at camp, the quality of their application, the vote of their peers and the staff in the unit, and the recommendation of their director.

First Term 2023

Senior Chipeta

  • Ava Sutton
  • Celia Gregg
  • Ellie Klebe
  • Emily Coleman
  • Emily Gregg
  • Hollis Toomey
  • Isabella Pendergrass
  • Poppy Merrill
  • Riley Griffin


  • Christopher Lampe
  • Collin Butler
  • JP Spilotro
  • Mac Roberts
  • Sean Sauntry

Girls' Trail's End

  • Bella Dorr
  • Kimmy Eggen

Boys' Trail's End

  • Cooper Phillips
  • Hugh Griggs
  • Isaac Levine
  • Larkin McKay
  • Will Roessmann

Second Term 2023

Senior Chipeta

  • Eliza Thorpe
  • Harper Orr
  • Greer Patten
  • Madi Williams
  • Rian Ford
  • Sarah Warren


  • Jean-Louis Chave
  • Josh Ballenger
  • Oliver Niemann
  • Parker Vullings
  • Patrick Barnat
  • Wyatt Lindgren

Girls' Trail's End

  • Ava Goldson
  • Brodie Rodemacher
  • Kendall Newsome
  • Laurel Foster
  • Madeline Wadsworth
  • Monika Shaffer
  • Violet Wexler
  • Willow Whelan

Boys' Trail's End

  • Alexander Stern
  • Dylan Meyer
  • Gregory Meyer
  • Kellan Oster
  • Owen Kolachov

CILTs will spend time in a leadership orientation and consistent follow-up, will exchange to a different unit for a week, and will receive support from me, the Boys’/Girls’ Camp Directors, and their assistant directors. In addition, they are asked to do some work during the spring in preparation for their CILT summer at Cheley.

Congratulations to all of our CILTs! See you in the summer.

Dylan, Program Director