Meet our Staff

We pride ourselves on assembling a dedicated and skilled team of staff members who play crucial roles in fostering a secure and enriching environment for campers.


Through a rigorous recruitment process, we select individuals who exhibit maturity, professionalism, and enthusiasm for youth development. Our staff undergo thorough screening, including interviews, background checks, and specialized training sessions, such as sexual abuse awareness training. With over 220 seasonal staff and 12 full-time professionals, our Youth Development Professionals are committed to upholding the values of integrity and character while providing exemplary care to our campers. Before the camp season begins, our staff members participate in comprehensive training spanning at least ten days. This training covers essential topics such as safety protocols, risk management, counseling techniques, and program development. Many of our counselors bring a unique perspective to their roles, having previously experienced camp as campers themselves. Through ongoing support and guidance, we ensure our staff are thoroughly prepared to handle their responsibilities effectively. This commitment to staff training and development fosters a close-knit community and enhances the overall quality of the camp environment.