Colorado summer camp


Create friendships. Celebrate accomplishments. The evening summer camp campfire is a great way to seal the bonds that begin during a day of physical challenge in the magnificent outdoors. Every day concludes with an evening program that provides closure with your friends after an active day. Your body is tired, your spirits lifted. It’s time to let go and connect with the peacefulness and sense of accomplishment that come with nightfall.

"The greatest discovery in life is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude."
Trigger Bill

Cheley's Colorado summer camp campfires follow old tradition. In keeping with the end-of-day campfire tradition of the Old West, campers gather in their unit lodges for singing, games and special presentations on a variety of topics. Joy and acceptance fill the air as we tell stories, sing camp songs and perform skits. If you play a musical instrument like guitar, harmonica or flute, please bring it to camp. Music resonates in thin mountain air and the joy of singing together is a part of every day. There is no better place to be than around an Estes Park summer camp campfire here at Cheley with newly found friends.

"Camp means being at peace with yourself, your peers and your environment. I know I would not be who I am if I had never come to Cheley."
Allie, Cheley camper

Once each term, campers from all three sites come together for the All Camp Campfire, an unforgettable night of singing, dancing and acting. It’s a highlight of every camp session. The skits between the boys and girls camps are hilarious. Other gatherings include the blue kerchief, Code of Living and closing unit campfires. These Estes Park summer camp campfires are fun-filled and exciting.

We take time to reflect and look inside for spiritual renewal at our chapel services. We gather every Sunday morning for chapel and again on Sunday evenings for sunset vespers. Our open-air chapels at the Trails’ End camps and the Land ‘O Peaks Ranch encourage us to slow down, reflect and connect with a higher presence. Sharing quiet time builds a valuable bond with one other in a setting filled with beauty and inspiration.

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