Colorado summer camp

The Cheley Staff

We invest a lot of energy in recruiting and training our Colorado camp staff, and it shows. In annual evaluations, Cheley camp counselors consistently receive high marks from campers and parents, who describe them as friendly, happy, knowledgeable, caring, and really fun to be around. Campers grow to love their camp counselors, cooks, nurses, and bus drivers. They all contribute wholeheartedly to the feeling of community that is so prevalent at Cheley.

We refer to our Estes Park camp staff as youth development professionals. These are young men and women who have completed at least their freshman year of college (or equivalent). Our 8-10 day on-site staff training devotes special attention to safety and risk management issues, team building, counseling skills, and communication and teaching skills. Chosen for their love of the outdoors and preference for community living, our camp counselors are here to have a positive impact on the campers.

Well over half of our staff returns to camp the following summer. This continuity encourages greater expertise and further development of skills and knowledge of the Cheley program. Many of our staff members were Cheley campers, which gives them a valuable perspective as camp counselors. They have experienced the "Cheley Magic" and they want to give back to the community. From cooks to camp directors, our entire Colorado camp staff spends their summers in residence at camp, creating a vital, close-knit camp community.

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