Colorado summer camp

Since 1921, thousands of young people from every state and dozens of countries have come to Cheley Colorado Camps. You become more independent and self-reliant. You face new challenges and form new relationships. You acquire confidence and initiate the lifelong process of self-discovery. The judgments and expectations that you bring from home start to drop away. You get in touch with your physical self and well-being. Cheley focuses on 21st Century Skills that youth need to thrive in today’s everchanging world. Fears are faced and conquered at this unique Colorado outdoor summer camp.

"It was almost 7 decades ago that I spent the first of four summers at Cheley Camps.  Those were some of the happiest days of my life  The camp was far more than just fun."  Hank Brown

What sets Cheley apart from other Colorado summer adventure camps?  Each camp unit creates a Code of Living, a personal code of honor that everyone in your unit agrees to follow. Striving for ideals such as integrity, responsibility, enthusiasm and good character are priorities at Cheley Colorado Camps - and so is having fun. We strive to create a thriving community where children can experience what it is like to be their “best self.”

"Summer after summer I was challenged more than I ever had been and I changed."

The Rocky Mountains are our playground for our free-choice program. Each day, our campers head out to explore the amazing Colorado Rockies on hikes, backpacks, horseback rides, mountain bikes and technical climbs. Or they choose to slow down as they raft, stand up paddle board, create something in the crafts shop, or spend a few days camping in nature. Our activities are the vehicle for teaching children the values and ideals necessary to establish their path towards becoming thriving young adults. 

"Cheley is more than a camp - it's a whole other world."

You learn about trust and support because you give it to one another when it really counts. Camp memories are filled with details that don't exist anywhere else in your life. A rich history and great people are a big part of what makes the Cheley adventure what it is today-a truly meaningful and unique youth development experience.  Not only is Cheley summer camp an excellent choice for a Colorado summer adventure camp, but a place to develop lifetime leadership and character-building skills, and meaningful friendships.

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