Frank H. Cheley


Est. 1921 in Estes Park, CO

We build the lasting character and resiliency of young people, creating unique life experiences in a challenging and nurturing natural environment.

Why Cheley?


Our 27-day overnight program is divided into units organized according to age and gender. Offering the same renowned Cheley Experience, each unit is 57 to 70 campers in size and staffed by 15-17 enthusiastic counselors. Each unit has its own well-maintained lodge, boathouse, and living spaces. Campers participate in activities and campfire with their unit, albeit some cross-unit opportunities do occur.

Land O'Peaks Ranch

Ages 9-11

In our Lower units, our youngest campers enjoy camp life and learn the fundamentals of various activities. For many, it’s their first time at summer camp so we provide our Lower campers with the special attention they need. It’s a chance for campers to set goals, develop a Code of Living, live in a caring community, and become more self-reliant.

Land O'Peaks Ranch

Ages 12-13

Our Middle units cater to both first-time and returning campers. Campers have many opportunities to test their wings while enjoying the pure fun of camp life and time with one another. Our Middle campers develop a Code of Living and participate in activities that offer adventure and a definite sense of accomplishment, giving you more confidence in who you are.

Land O'Peaks Ranch

Ages 14-17

No age is too old to start going to camp! Campers in our Senior units test their grit, create lifelong friendships, and develop a strong set of values. With the Code of Living as the cornerstone of this endeavor, our eldest campers are provided with appropriate challenges and leadership opportunities that transform teens into young, happy adults.

Trail’s End Ranch

Ages 12-17

Located 12 miles east of Estes Park, the Trail’s Ends are self-contained units. The age range at the TEs provides a strong sense of camp unity with an intimate, mature, and nurturing family feel. Our TE campers feel the added strength of the friendships that develop in a setting modeled after the pioneer days of the rugged West.

Our Activities

The Rocky Mountains are our playground. Our activities are the vehicle for teaching campers the values and ideals necessary to establish their path toward becoming thriving young adults.

Why Cheley

We believe that every summer in a young person’s life is a window of opportunity. At Cheley, campers learn how to truly connect with others and build the emotional intelligence to succeed as thriving individuals.

Man in woodshop.

Our Dedicated Staff

Our experienced staff set us apart! We invest a lot of energy in recruiting and training staff to be highly skilled, caring, and compassionate leaders.

People backpacking with red backpacks.

Our Spectacular Setting

The snow-capped peaks and indigenous pine forests surrounding camp provide unforgettable scenery. Here in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, we wake up to some of the most picturesque views in the world.

Boys feeding each other.


It’s a known fact that food tastes better at camp and at elevation. We make sure our campers enjoy nutritious and tasty meals for even the pickiest of eaters!

Health & Wellness

Whether it be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, camper wellbeing is one of our priorities. We have four health centers with a registered nurse on duty and a nurse aide.

Girls hiking up mountain.

Camp to me is a pathway to exert myself and live up to my full potential. It’s a paradise I come to each summer which shows me who I want to be.

Elizabeth Masraff 4 Summer Camper, Quarter B-4 Camper, and Family Camper
Staff member at podium.

Life here is simpler. Do what you love with those you love. It’s a place where friends turn into family and families become unbreakable. Cheley is more than just a camp. It’s home.

Cooper Pierce 2 Summer Camper, CILT, and Staff Member
Girls yelling outside.

Not only is camp a month full of joy, adventure, laughter, and so much more, but it also means having people and a place that will always have your back.

Marina Griffin 5 Summer Camper and CILT

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