Dates and Information - 2019

Contract Dates:

June 1 - August 10**

**Limited positions are available with an August 4 end date. Please note availability on your application

Horseback Riding Counselors: May 26 - August 4
Barn Crew: May 26 - August 7
Transportation Crew: May 16 - August 6
Directors and Assistant Directors: May 28 - August 4

Counseling and support staff salaries for a 10-week contact start at $2750, plus room and board and a travel stipend. Email if you would like more information.

Additional opportunities for income and fun!

Pre-camp Work Crew: May 15 - May 31
Post-camp Work Crew: August 10 - August 23
Family Camp: August 5 - August 10
Teen Summit: August 5 - August 10
Burn Camp: August 10 - August 19

First Aid Information

WILDERNESS FIRST AID & CPR - required for Sports Counselors in the four older units, and Horseback Riding, Backpacking, Hiking, Outcamping, and HBO Counselors.

STANDARD FIRST AID & CPR - First Aid and CPR required for all other counseling staff, nanny, nurse aide, and ropes coordinators.

CPR ONLY - required for the Transportation Crew and Barn Crew.

NO FIRST AID OR CPR REQUIREMENT - for Program coordinators, office, media, stores, maintenance, kitchen and laundry.

Note: Wilderness first Aid will be offered at camp on May 30 - May 31, 2019 and the cost is $110. (CPR is not included in that class). Acquiring the required certifications, and covering all costs, are the responsibility of the staff member.

What we need

  • A completed application
  • Three completed reference questionnaires (also submitted through our website)
  • A live interview (in person or on the phone)

We accept staff applications year round, with interviewing starting in early October. Returning staff have until November 1st to tell us their plans, and we begin placing new staff after that time. Again, let us know if you have any questions. We will contact you once we have received your application.