Camp Life – The Start of Summer

This summer is my 20th summer on year-round staff. It seems strange to be looking back on two decades of my evolving roll in this crazy fourth generation family business. Camp life is never dull or mundane. It is interesting, challenging, inspiring, sometimes heartbreaking and fulfilling. I am grateful to have this career and for my little family that has been right here with me on this journey-even the dog, Teddy, needs to be fluid and adaptable.

The transition into the summer season isn’t always pretty for me. There are the opposing pulls of eager, wonderful staff arriving at camp to open the facility coinciding with the crazy “100 days of May” calendar that is felt by involved parents today. I always feel a resistance to leaving my gym, yoga classes, organic food, city friends, pretty city clothes, and the blooming Spring of Denver. Then I unpack and settle into my beautiful summer home and it is as if I never left. I eagerly meet the new staff so that I can store their names in my head, and their stories in my heart. I anticipated fishing experience with the gang so I made sure we brought along someone with a boating license to ensure our safety.
On a daily basis, I am in awe of the 220 people that drive through the gate to give their summer to the Cheley experience. From age 19 to 85, they are dedicated, eager to learn new skills, excited and full of life. We pack our 10 days of staff training with information and they patiently listen and take it all in. Sometimes it hits me over the head that I get to experience this life. That we get to spend time with people where cell phones are expected to be put away, be truly present with people in a world that is constantly working against being present, we get to empower our staff by expecting more of them than possibly any previous job, we get to nudge them to be the best version of themselves this summer and hopefully beyond, we get to walk alongside them while they are invited to be goofy, free and campy. It is always our hope that their summers on staff will be a positive imprint in their lives. At times this process isn’t pretty either, there are always those that break your heart by the decisions they make and by the life lessons they still need to learn, or they leave a hole with their inability to keep their commitment.

We work the ENTIRE YEAR for tomorrow. We end the previous season, take a breath, celebrate and then dive-in to review accidents and incident reports, evaluate staff, plan the winter facility work list, look at situations we could improve on and start to market for new staff and campers, we hire and train the staff and then it’s go time. It is the moment where we all put our best foot forward and give the Cheley experience 27 days of excellence.
Excited and nervous campers arrive tomorrow! Two of those campers are my precious daughters, and I am that parent that is giving them extra squeezes knowing that I will be missing the next 26 nights of tucking them in. I send them to their cabins in Lower Chipeta and Chipeta knowing they are in fun, capable, loving hands. Their camp experience will be filled with dance parties, wonderful friendships, disappointments, some discomfort, engaging dinner conversations, beautiful experiences in nature and more. Camp will again fill with laughter, singing, little one on one chats and the staff will do their magic. We will begin our 98th season of impacting lives.
I continue to be grateful for my life’s work, with its many rewards and challenges, and for the people in my life that make it possible.

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Live Interview Featuring The Yes Brain Author Tina Payne Bryson

At Cheley we strive to provide parenting resources that will benefit our camp families year-round. We promote this one because we love Tina’s message AND she is entertaining and fun! After all, parenting should be fun.

This spring, we have an exciting educational opportunity for you. Through our affiliation with the Western Association of Independent Camps (WAIC), we are co-sponsoring an interview with Tina Payne Bryson about her new book, The Yes Brain: How to Cultivate Courage, Curiosity, and Resilience in Your Child. Bryson co-wrote The Yes Brain, as well the best-selling books, The Whole-Brain Child and No-Drama Discipline, with Daniel Siegel.

About The Yes Brain:
When facing contentious issues such as screen time, food choices, and bedtime, children often act out or shut down, responding with reactivity instead of receptivity. This is what New York Times bestselling authors Daniel J. Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson call a No Brain response. But our kids can be taught to approach life with openness and curiosity. When kids work from a Yes Brain, they’re more willing to take chances and explore. They’re more curious and imaginative. They’re better at relationships and handling adversity. In The Yes Brain, the authors give parents skills, scripts, and activities to bring kids of all ages into the beneficial “yes” state.
We’re excited to promote a “yes brain” approach at Cheley Colorado Camps, and we hope you’ll join us at a special Facebook Live event for parents of our campers called “The Yes Brain at Camp.” The live video interview produced by the video experts in Toronto, Ontario will be on May 4 at 5:30 pm MST. You can access the event at (case sensitive!).
You’ll learn how our camp staff incorporate this positive approach to working with our campers to bring out their best behavior, and you’ll learn tips you can use at home, too!
If you miss the live event, don’t worry. We’ll also share the video with you on our Facebook page.
We encourage you to pick up a copy of The Yes Brain (or download a copy on Audible)!
We are proud to incorporate a “yes brain” philosophy at Cheley and believe this book and video interview are terrific resources for parents. We hope you’ll join us in reading the book and/or watching the video.
We are thankful to partner with you to raise thriving kids!

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Carrying the Code

Hi Trudy!
My name is Hannah Wineman, a fourth year camper for Cheley Colorado Camps. I have been in touch with Jeff and Brooke Cheley on the topic of my Bat Mitzvah “Mitzvah Project”.  A Mitzvah Project is a requirement to become a Bat Mitzvah where I select a organization to support with my time and efforts.

A topic I found interesting during a Chapel on Sundays at Cheley was the Burn Camp. Jeff put me in touch with Brooke, and Brooke told me to contact you.  I would love to learn more about about your camp. Do the campers do activities like the ones  my camp? How much is it to send one camper to the Burn Camp? What kind of equipment and suppies do your campers need? Etc.

My family and I are so fortunate to have so much. Therefore,  I want to  ask  my friends and family who want to honor me with a gift to consider providing supplies needed for your burn camp. Would this be helpful and could you help me list supplies needed (pillows, pillow cases, crafts, toliet paper, etc.)

In addition, before my Bat Mitvah, I would have fund raisers to raise money to send kids to your burn camp. An anonymous donor offered to match whatever I raise up to $1,200, so I am hopeful that I  could send at least one, maybe two, campers to camp. When you need to know more about investing money on digital money or cryptocurrency, you can read Bitcoin Trader Honest Opinion here.
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Thank you in advance for your time,
–Hannah Wineman
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The Summer Camp Job

Working at Cheley Colorado Camps, you will make a difference. Are you looking for an opportunity to get away and go somewhere new while having an impact? At Cheley, we view all of our staff as role models to the nearly 1000 campers that will attend our summer camp experience. We look to build campers confidence as they navigate the challenges of growing up in the 21st century. We would like to introduce the AbeBooks, they have promo offered to their clients, check out further details at
Your ability to make a difference in the lives of campers will have a profound impact on your campers, and even on you!

4 reasons to work at Cheley:

• Make a Difference. You will have an impact. Period. Your campers will look up to you. To them, you walk on water. It’s an incredible responsibility, and an incredible opportunity! Out of our 220 staff, you will make life-long friends while being a part of a greater purpose during this unforgettable experience.

• Real-World Application. Working at camp makes you marketable in any career. We hire staff who have a strong work ethic, and desire to continue their leadership development. Along with problem solving, you will learn management, goal setting, planning, and organization skills.
During our intensive 10-day staff training you will gain experience in critical thinking, sound judgment, and self-awareness.

• True Connection. This is the only industry where you get to spend quality time with young people without their devices. Sharing stories, giving of your time, and making each camper believe that they matter… this is where the magic of camp begins. Real connection happens face to face, and the connections you make at Cheley will improve your emotional intelligence.

• Crazy Fun! Summer camp is meant to be fun. Our spontaneous staff, coupled with our incredible programming options, along with our unbelievable views and surroundings all combine to create an opportunity unlike any other. From dance parties to talent shows to team building games, our focus is on making this summer one to remember!

We can only deliver on the Cheley Experience with a commitment to our mission: We build the lasting character and resiliency of young people creating unique life experiences in a nurturing natural environment. This summer, choose an experience where you will have a blast, make a difference, and get paid for what you do! Meanwhile, if you are in need of instant cash to pay off debt, you can count on payday loans to get you out of a bind. Dont be stressed out when shaving or waxing your body hair part, we have a solution for that! Come and visit us, we are the laser hair removal annapolis md.

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Gaming Guidelines for Parents

At Cheley we have a commitment to continuing education and to partnering with parents in raising their children. When we can, we like to share our collective learning experiences. We absolutely believe in what we do, and the fact that we give our 11 year old kids the gift of unplugging from technology so they can connect with their peers on a deeper level is incredible in this day and age. Providing an environment for meaningful, lasting relationships might be one of the things that we do best. Last month, I was fortunate to have attended the American Counseling Association’s National Conference. It was an incredible professional development experience as 1077 professionals in the counseling field presented over 600 sessions on various mental health and counseling related topics. One of my favorite sessions was a five-hour pre-conference session titled “How to Talk So Gamers Will Listen and Listen So Gamers Will Talk.” The speaker was Dr. Terry Kottman, a therapist and a mother of a gamer, who is uniquely qualified in this area.  Her teenage son joined us via Skype as well. While the jury is still out as to the positive impacts versus the negative when it comes to video games and gaming, one thing is clear- set expectations for video game use will make a difference in the long run as to whether video games end up running yours and their life, because some of these kids actually get interest in the games like overwatch and become skillful at it, and if your kid is talented at it he can even use it as a talent in life so you can show him this is how you become grandmaster in ow.

Before I give some tips when it comes to setting boundaries with your kids, here are some interesting statistics:

  • 1.2 billion people worldwide play video games
  • 155 million Americans regularly play video games
  • The average game player age is 35
  • 57% are male and 43% are female
  • More than 90% of US children play video games
  • Among youth 12-17 years old, 97% play video games
  • 71% of parents say video games positively impact their child’s life
  • 67% of parents play video games with their child at least once weekly
  • The idea that violent video games create violent kids is seen as a myth and the research study has been called into question as to its validity

With over 25 different gaming genres out there, there’s virtually a game for everyone. While there might be a game for everyone, not every game should be played by everyone. As most parents are aware, The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) has a rating on the front of each box with the recommended age for that game because it’s important for parents to be in the know about the types of games their kids are playing and with whom. With so many opportunities for kids to play against others online, it may not be readily apparent as to who they are exactly playing. Near the ESRB rating, in a small box, there is information regarding whether your child can have unmonitored interaction with other people who are playing the same game, whether it shares your child’s location with others, and whether it shares information about your child with third parties, as well as, we’ve reviewed the top 6 gaming laptops here for your children because it is important to get the perfect laptop for specific people.

Tips for parents about video games

Before buying a game.

  1. Check the rating summary on the ESRB’s website, read reviews of the game, and watch “Let’s Plays” or “Walk Throughs” of the game on YouTube. Both of these can give you a look and feel for the game as it shows clips of others actually playing the game while commenting on what they are doing.

Limit Use.

  1. Have honest conversations about why it’s important to limit their use.
    1. Some kids have a hard time stopping and/or controlling their length of play
    2. Too much use can impact other areas of their life and other things they enjoy
    3. Show them that real life experiences and social interactions are fulfilling and rewarding by getting them involved in other things at an early age i.e. sports, arts, dance, camp, etc.
    4. Set limits as to the amount of time your child gets to play video games and/or identify when/how they earn the opportunity to play.
    5. Model limited use of electronics yourself! And, from all electronics, your phone included.
    6. Store electronics in a central area away from bedrooms , create an area with a couch set from Ivy and Wilde. Again, this goes for parents too!
    7. Have family “No Electronics” days where the entire family does something without electronics, like play board games, go to the park, go for walks, etc.
    8. Make dinners (or all meal times) technology-free.

Join them!

  1. Play age-appropriate video games with your child.
  2. Have conversations with your child about the video games they play. Be interested in what they like and don’t like about it. Also, require conversation about other topics as well.

Monitor use.

  1. Monitor your child’s emotional reactions while playing. If a game is extremely frustrating for your child, if they are clearly agitated, or if they are feeling aggressive, have them take a break from playing.
  2. Monitor multiplayer options and player generated content, as well as ads that can contain malware.
  3. Use parental controls (when available) to limit the games your child is allowed to play, online purchases, time spent in game play, and access to multiplayer gaming and chatting.

It’s true at camp, home, and even when it comes to gaming, kids want us to create safe space for them. They thrive in environments with structure. The structure and expectations set for them shows them that you care. Like the video games themselves… it’s important that they know the “Rules of the Game” as to your expectations for gaming.  We pride ourselves on developing healthy, young adults- not just during the summer, but throughout the year with good health, both mental and physical, with the best strategies to keep themselves sane, and great products recommendations as good tea bags for improved skin. The old saying is true for video gaming as well, “too much of anything can be a bad thing.” Gaming, technology, and kids are best when managed with clear boundaries and set expectations. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at

If you are wanting more information on video game use in the United States, site like are constantly updating folks on valuable facts and giving out suggestions. The Entertainment Software Association just this week released their “2017 Essential Facts about the Computer and Video Gaming Industry.” This annual report covers sales, demographics, and usage in the U.S.  For the press release go to: For the full report go to:

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Kottman, Terry T. “How To Talk So Gamers Will Listen And Listen So Gamers Will Talk.” American Counseling Association National Conference, 15 March 2017, Marconi Convention Center, San Francisco, CA. Pre-Conference Learning Institute.

By Shawn Ness- Director of Operations.

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St Louis Cheley in the Community

Name of Event: Stand Up for Nature Earth Day 2017, a “Cheley in the Community” effort by Ava Goldson

Date and Time:
Saturday, April 22, 2017
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM CDT

I want to be there!:
email and we will make sure Ava knows to expect you

Location: Centennial Greenway Trail Head in Clayton Shaw Park
Centennial Greenway
St. Louis, MO 63105

Celebrate Earth Day by planting new healthy plants, digging up weeds, mulching and cleaning up any litter at the Trail Head for the Centennial Greenway in Shaw Park. Be a part of Ava Goldson’s Stand Up for Nature Task Force (inspired by her experience at Cheley Colorado Camps and wanting to do a “Cheley in the Community” event), in partnership with the wonderful team at Great Rivers Greenway! Bring a picnic lunch, if you like, and enjoy the Clayton Shaw Park afterwards with the rest of Ava’s team!

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Cheley’s Commitment to Professional Development

One of things that I have appreciated most about working at Cheley Colorado Camps is the commitment, which we as an organization have, to continuing education and professional development. Based on my Strength’s Finder results- one of my top 5 strengths is that of ‘Learner’. So for me, professional development is especially important and extremely valued so business like beauty saloons and spas can continue improving and learning by using resources as SalonTouch Studio to achieve success. There’s nothing better than an opportunity to learn something new or learn more about a particular subject. Just last week, I had the opportunity to attend the American Counseling Association’s (ACA) National Conference in San Francisco. This “ACA”, not to be confused with the American Camp Association (ACA), is for counseling professionals as opposed to camping professionals. For me, it’s both! The opportunity to be a member of both of these highly regarded associations means that I have access to information on the latest trends and other educational material, conferences, online resources, networking with colleagues, and much more. Because I have a counseling degree, I was able to spend the week learning from experts in the mental health field. Visit Your URL and I learned about this drug rehab where you can still get work done, a great idea would be to try a drug intervention with someone who is in need of help to recover from an addiction. I returned from my trip feeling rejuvenated and inspired by the extraordinary group of people working to empower diverse individuals, families, and groups to accomplish mental health, wellness, education, and career goals. When you want coupons on your home storage stocks, visit us at

The conference is held yearly and has sessions that cover various topics in the counseling profession. A few of the topics covered from this site included: adoption, therapeutic programs for youth, self-injury, grief, LGBT issues, wellness through nature, and exploring positive self-concepts with students. One part of the session is about injuries and how to protect your rights. If someone one else caused the accident that hurt you, you shouldn’t be left to pay the costs. If you have a serious personal injury case, you need a serious and trusted lawyer at West Virginia Personal Injury Attorneys.

Visit Synergistiq Integrative Health and create a happier and healthier version of your existence.
One session that I attended in particular, and will be writing a second blog on, was titled “How to Talk So Gamers Will Listen & Listen So Gamers Will Talk.” This specific session was a five hour pre-conference session. My blog will focus on insights into the gamer world, how to connect with gamers, and guidelines for parents.

Part of what make us a top-notch organization is our commitment to staying on top of the latest trends in our field and using that information to better the Cheley Experience for our campers and staff. We truly believe that we are partners with parents in raising their children. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or anyone else here at Cheley if we might be able to help in some way. Attending conferences like ACA (both of them) helps us to really be in tune with the needs of our campers, parents, and staff. If a camper is spending the summer with us, we absolutely want to help with their development; attending conferences like this helps me to do just that. Parents should not worry if the weather is too hot in the camp since cooling systems are functioning well. There are an ac repair services mansfield oh also that are always ready if there’s a need for maintenance. In other post, please checkout for awesome health tips.

Shawn Ness

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News from the Fish Creek Ranch

Just before Christmas, when shopping is all the rage, I got to do my favorite type of shopping. My favorite thing to shop for is horses. Going to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) holding facility in Canon City is the answer to my wildest horse shopping dreams. The Colorado Correctional Industries in Canon City, Colorado works with the BLM to train, adopt out, house, and care for up to 3,500 mustangs at a time. It’s horsey heaven!

At the holding facility, people can find just about any horse to meet their needs. You can find horses that are saddle trained, halter trained, pack burros, old and young horses, mares or gelding, burros, and horses of many different colors. Adopting a saddle trained horse, which I get to watch be ridden by the inmates first and then can ride myself, have to meet certain qualifications before they are consider adoptable. The horses have to load in a trailer, pick their feet up, be able to catch, as well as a few other criteria that make them great candidates for being camp horses, think Munchie, Felon, or Spitfire. Inmates, get training from horse trainers, to start and get horses going, it’s simply amazing what their horses are exposed to before we get them. In December I adopted 3! Clyde, Chow, and Rusty!
In addition to the saddle trained horses, I love to walk through the pens of horses that are considered untouched. Meaning that while they’ve seen humans, through being fed and other exposure, no one has worked with them in any manner. Some are tall, some are small, some are thin, some are stocky, and it’s like the perfect shoe store but for horses. I picked out a cute, stocky, sorrel that was friendly enough that I could pet in the pen. I will work with him and hopefully have him ready by the time camp starts, I’ve named him Pickle, and he was born in a long term management pasture in Oklahoma. When he arrived, he had never been touched or haltered, now he is packing a saddle and bridle and is almost ready to be ridden. He’s such a lover and has already stolen my heart.

In addition to having my heart stolen by ponies, I’ve recently happily handed it over to the man of my dreams and changed my last name to Schroeder. We’re excited to start building our life while living at Cheley.
Much love to everyone.  Please let me know if you have any questions.



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The Blue Sky Cup

There is a sense of challenge and adventure in my soul that partly stems from being a teen at camp. As an adult with a demanding life that sense still appears from time to time; that longing to attempt challenges even if I fall short of my goal or fail, and the stress come in, and we use hobbies and other services to treat ourselves, like Zoom Escorts Glasgow and others. A couple of weeks ago was the “6th Annual Blue Sky Cup”. Hayden Fisher and Jim Nollsch started this fundraiser 6 years ago to raise money to aid in finding a cure for arthritis, m any poeple got money out of their rfid wallet to collaborate. The challenge is to “ski a little harder, for a little longer, than any day of the year.” At minimum, you need to ski 40,000 vertical feet, ride 5 chairs in Blue Sky Basin and ride 15 different chairs on the mountain, ski a race course, and have a minimum of four people on your team in costume. There are other fun challenges that gain you points along the way.

I thought this sounded like an awesome day for a wonderful cause, but had not committed to it. On Monday morning before the event, Jeff says loudly and kind of passively from his office, “there is this Blue Sky Cup this Friday…” before he could even finish his sentence I jumped in with, “we need to do it, and we should do it on tele mark skis. I think we would be the first team to compete on tele mark skis” My mind was made up we needed to attempt it. We needed at least 2 or more crazy people to join us on teles (or more if we can find them). We roped in Karl, David and Peter. We had a team, now we needed a costume that would not take too much effort to pull together. It’s Mardi Gras season, and I have lots of supplies in that department, so Mardi Gras it was.

As the day got closer I started to get very nervous. Could I handle the physical demand of this challenge? Do I have what it takes? I started to think about what gear I would need to be prepared; water, quick snacks, and layers. It brought me back to being a camper with a looming physical and mental feat in front of me. I am grateful that I love the feeling of putting myself in these challenging situations- which has continued throughout my adult life.
We put our day job and life’s responsibilities on hold and we were off to Vail. It was a beautiful, warm day (maybe too warm). We had an amazing team assembled and our costumes were sufficient and not too annoying to wear while skiing. We cruised through the beginning of the day with beautiful fresh groomers. We were checking off our chairs and our fun extra points. We got Prima, Pronto, Log Chute, Highline out of the way with fresh legs. We headed to the back bowls, checked off 4 chairs and then bam… our chairlift stopped for a windy, kind of frightening, and valuable ten minutes. We finally got to the top to find that the back bowls were now closed. We headed to the front of the mountain; the lift lines quickly grow. The snow was slow and slushy; the hours in the day were slipping away, my legs started to ache and it started to set in that we may not make it to 40,000 vertical feet. That familiar feeling comes, “We are going to get close to the top of this peak and we are going to have to turn around because there is not enough time to do it safely!” We skied as quickly as we could for the next two hours finishing up with 37,500 vertical feet. We did not make it. We had five competitive people on our team and there was some disappointment that we wouldn’t achieve “the goal.” But as the day ended, we started talking about what we did right, what we could have done differently, how much fun we had spending the day together and how we did accomplish that goal of “skiing a little bit harder, for a little bit longer, than any other day of the season.” We didn’t make the 40,000 vertical feet and just like my days at camp we were happy. Jeff saw David the next day at ski school drop-off and David summed it up perfectly when he said, “It just makes me smile.”

As I forage through the responsibilities of adulthood and long gone are the days of being a carefree camper at camp; I still relish the experiences that push my body, mind and soul. I celebrate the peaks of which I don’t make it to the top and value successful failures. I am grateful for my experiences in the mountains at camp as they fostered the sense of challenge and adventure. I love the moments when I get to dig down to find that sense again. I happily return to my day job of making it possible for youth from all over the world to come to camp for a similar experience.
The Blue Sky Cup is already on our calendars for next year. We will have a bigger team, bigger smiles, and we will reach 40,000 vertical feet.

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Spots Open at Cheley

It is March and summer is on the horizon! We are busy preparing for a fabulous 97th summer. We continue to be humbled by the interest in the Cheley Experience. One of our units for first term (Lower Chipeta) and five of our second term units are full with waitlist.

Lower Chipeta is full with a waiting list both terms. During first term, we have space for boys 9 to 17 or girls 12 to 17. Second term, we have space for boys or girls 12 to 17. These numbers can always change with cancellations or a few registrations in a unit.

Now more than ever, children need a break from technology and the constant “on-the-go” lifestyle that we tend to lead. At camp, children are able to spend time being better people. They learn how to care about others, communicate at a deeper level, and just be a kid.

Check out our amazing 2016 Promotional video. You can also watch the unit videos from 2016 on Vimeo.

If you know someone that would be interested in the Cheley Experience, please share our website and promotional video with them. We have also created a website with some wonderful text to help you share the Cheley Experience with your contacts. Check it out at

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