Summer Camp

Week Three Recap!


Week Three at Cheley is typically when camp ‘clicks.’ Lots of campers head out for overnights, campers have found what they like and lean into it, and Cheley is awash with a buzz of excitement. I popped around to different units to see what they were up to, and loved feeling that same camp magic each day – no matter the program. Check out photos from each activity through the Cheley Connection.


Week three started strong with All Camp Campfire – a Cheley-wide celebration full of skits, singing, and dancing! After a well-coordinated horse retreat to begin the evening, all units enjoyed a barbeque cookout and then headed to the Pavilion for skit performances.

Lower Chipeta performed a Hannah Montana inspired remix while Lower Ski Hi kept the energy up with a chip-propriate cover of Fireball. Up next came Chipeta, performing a Pitch Perfect riff-off about the trails and tribulations of Girl’s camp. Capturing the pure magic of camp was Ski Hi, putting a camp spin on Harry Potter with “Chogworts.” Girls’ Trail’s End kept with the popular movie trend with their Barbie-esque skit. Their CILTS, dubbed “Charbies” get whisked off into the unfamiliar world of Land O’ Peaks during exchange. After a brief Trail’s End serenade, Boys’ Trail’s End took to the stage and showed what camp would be like with more Zumba and less Square dance (and just the right amount of Gangnam Style.) Senior Chipeta performed their very own rendition of Teen Beach Movie, with half the unit decked out in surfer attire and the other half looking fit to join a biker gang. Finally, Haiyaha closed out the night with the Legend of the Chorax, detailing how Cheley Camps almost fell into the hands of Evil Trigger Bob. Once the skits were complete, a jolly mosh ensued and the night ended with a big Unit Circle.


Horseman in Boys’ Trail’s End joined Pat, our Colts Coordinator, for bodywork – a program aimed at forging that unique bond between horse and rider. Campers learned about how to relieve their horse of stress, and all about body language. After lunch, the Colts Campers worked on air-gap therapy, where they release built-up tension from the horse by strategically placing their hands in between the horse and a gap of air. “I like being able to help the horses, like [my horse] Rocky” Said camper Will P. “Learning about the body language that can tell you where the horse is hurt is really cool.”


Outcampers in Chipeta headed out to T.E. Crossing for a three day overnight. The outcamping grounds are tucked within our Boys’ Trail’s End property in Glen Haven, just along the river. After getting to the site, the campers set up their hammocks and craft supplies and got to work making friendship bracelets. Just before lunch, the group began giving each other pedicures, officially amending the campsite to T.O.E. crossing. They then munched on quesadillas for lunch, excitedly chatting about their plans for the rest of the overnight.


Lower Ski Hi participated in Lil’ Ranchers – where campers learn hands-on about farming and farm animals. After breakfast, the group headed to the Ranch where they learned all about the pigs, goats, and horses that live there. Eddie, our Ranch Education Coordinator, led them through caring for the goats. The bunch even got to milk some goats, surely an experience to remember.


Campers in Senior Chipeta competed in a cooking competition based on the hit TV show Chopped! It took place in TeePee Village, and campers got to feast on their creations for lunch. The campers were split into two teams, with the counselors as the judges. Provided with a box of assorted ingredients, the teams whipped up pizza and charcuterie. All campers finished the program victorious, because “everyone is a winner at Cheley” said the unit’s Assistant Director Lily Lederer.


Backpackers in Haiyaha returned from their 5-day overnight in the backcountry. They hiked and camped all throughout the Never Summer Range, peaking quite a few mountains along the way. Camper Oscar O. really enjoyed how the trip helped him as a hiker. “I really liked the challenge that the technical hiking brought, especially coming down Mt. Nimbus” Said Oscar. “I’m a much better hiker from it.” And no backpack would be complete without fuel; thankfully the campers got to cook and eat some chicken fajitas – a group favorite.


Lights, camera, action, Lower Chip! Saturday night during their campfire, the unit held a premier of their very own movie! Filmed and edited by their Assistant Direcor, Shae, the Lower Chipetans starred in a Taylor Swift themed video they filmed during program last week. To get inspired, they watched iconic music videos to get creative: Thriller for choreography purposes and Blank Space for storytelling. Next, they got to work storyboarding and planning out their own video, which debuted during campfire. The feel-good flick is aimed at combatting bullying and encouraging self expression. The real fun happened during filming, though. Camper Dalia T’s favorite part was getting to act. “I got to fake trip someone in the dining hall, that was my favorite part.” said Dalia.


Who knew you could pack so much fun in between two Sundays? After the busy week, all units took part in Lazy Sunday, where breakfast starts later and most units watch movies in their pajamas and hang out after Chapel. Thankfully, the day prepared most campers for the final few days of program!