Summer Camp

The Magic of Chapel


Today, Second Term campers experienced chapel, some for the first time, and some for the fiftieth. Yet the magic of Sunday mornings spent together in the mountains never wears off. We know camp life can be hectic and tricky to process, so Chapel aims to help campers reflect on the past week while preparing for the one ahead.

At Land O’Peaks, Jeff Cheley spoke about lessons we can learn from dogs, teaching campers to know their talents, stick to their roles, and adapt.

Chapel gives campers time to grow spiritually, no matter what faith they may practice. Hence, Chapel means something different – albeit special – to each member of the Cheley community. Hear from a few campers and staff about how Chapel fits into their life at Cheley below.

I very much enjoy chapel. It’s a great time to be thankful for all we have. It’s nice to get ready for the upcoming week, too.

Bo Winslow, Boys’ Camp Director.

“Chapel is my place to recharge and reconnect. Plus, I have other siblings at camp, but they’re in different units. Reuniting and sitting with them during chapel is always nice”

Eliza T., camper in Senior Chipeta.

As a campfire counselor, it’s so rewarding to plan and practice for chapel. I love when my campers in Chipeta sing a song they wrote or share a quote that’s meaningful to them.

Claire Hussey, Campfire Counselor in Chipeta.