Summer Camp

Parading through Estes with the Lower Units!


Few things are more fun than the Fourth of July at camp. Except maybe walking in the Fourth of July Parade, which took place Thursday. Campers in both Lower Chipeta and Lower Ski Hi marched aside the mountains in the Estes Park parade today, following shortly behind the antique blue Cheley bus.

The parade, which takes place annually, has near 80 floats which make their way down Elkhorn Avenue in downtown Estes. The group of campers behind the bus sang camp songs and held up patriotic signs they made during crafts program, all while parade-goers cheered and waved. “Waving to everyone was super fun.. and holding up my sign” Said camper Hanni F. “I got to make it during crafts so it was fun to show it off”

After the parade, the bunch celebrated with a bulk lunch in Stanley Park. Red, white, and bulk, anyone?