Summer Camp

Hiking Balanced Rock with Lower Ski Hi


Hiking to Balanced Rock with Lower Ski Hi certainly lived up to its name. It both rocked, and was well balanced with challenge and fun. The hike, which passes Gem Lake, was around eight miles roundtrip, giving the younger campers an outlet to relieve post-breakfast jitters.

Their extra energy wasn’t the only thing campers relieved ––halfway through the hike, a few learned how to wilder-poop. The lesson was complete with a tutorial on wiping with pine leaves from Aidan, a Lower Ski Hi hiking counselor.

Once we reached the destination, the campers were taken aback by both the view and the accuracy of the hike’s name. “It’s crazy how the rock was balancing” said camper Bjorn B. On the way down, enthusiastic and outgoing campers practiced memorization for their hiking patches, trying to find the perfect cirque.

All in all, the day was pretty close to perfect. Although, some campers are harder to please. “If I could change anything about the hike, it would be getting my hiking patch instantly” Said camper Patrick W. “I want it bad.” But hey, at least they have goals.