Summer Camp

Getting Sporty with GTE!


It isn’t always fun and games, but with sports at Girls’ Trail’s End, it typically is. Today’s sports programming had lots of archery, pickleball, tetherball, and relaxation. GTE’s smaller environment means the sports programming can be more freeform and flexible, and today was no exception. Some girls caught up on their books, some battled each other in pickleball, and some played the card game explosive kittens. I tried to learn the rules to both pickleball and explosive kittens, but the campers and I concluded I’d need more time in the wagon yard to get the hang of either.

With lots of difficult hikes, rides, and programs taking place during third week, the girls staying in camp for sports wanted a more casual day. Lily M. enjoys it when she’s in camp for lunch and rest hour since she’s particularly fond of meal times. “Lunch was my favorite part of the day. I was kinda hungry and the food is always so good” Said Lily. “During lunch, the cooks have more time to cook for fewer people. It rocks”

After lunch –yummy tomato soup and grilled cheese – some campers returned to archery to aim for arrow awards. Camper, Lila D., who considers herself less of an archer and more of a cheerleader, managed to wow everyone with a perfect shot. “Most of the time I’m pretty bad at archery, and just like reading and watching my friends,” said Lila. “Today I got a bullseye though and it was pretty slay.”

No matter the specific activity each camper did earlier in the day, they all managed to regroup at 4, eagerly forming a line for treats. To kill time until the snacks could be officially doled out, campers salivated over their go-to candies, sharing fun ‘how-it’s-made’ facts. And unfortunately, if you’re team ‘New Green Skittle’ like me, Mars changed it from green apple back to lime.