Summer Camp

Frisbee Golfing with Chipeta


Campers on Chipeta’s sports program today signed up for frisbee golf, but they ended up getting a lot more. As the final day of program during busy third week, campers were excited to have a more relaxed day in camp. Our morning started off strong with Counselor Emily falling down a hill while aiming for the first hole. Campers helped her up while keeping the laughs at a minimum. Emily’s fall left campers philosophizing: Does ‘leave no trace’ apply when you leave a body-shaped divot in the brush of a frisbee course?

After Emily’s fall, the group kept getting my frisbee stuck in trees. Thankfully, the campers took this as an opportunity to practice search and rescue. The best way to get frisbees unstuck? Safely throwing sticks to shake the tree. The next few holes were pretty straightforward, and we practiced the basics of throwing: keep the disc flat, and flick the wrist, not the arm.

During the later holes, we hunted for lost discs, ultimately reclaiming two. Right before lunch, we took time to reflect on the morning. Some campers complimented their friend’s positive attitudes, while others talked about the challenges of disc golf. Camper Hannah M. summed it up nicely: “it’s very chill… you get to have a good time with your friends. frolfing is epic…I also liked watching Emily fall down the hill.”