Summer Camp

Fitting Safety and Respect into Our Program


Safety and respect. Whether referred to as our pillars, non-negotiables, or core values, the two words are a huge part of camp. But they’re more than just words to us — from the very beginning, safety and respect have laid the foundation to a positive camp experience. And while we never cease to approach camp with the two in mind, safety and respect are certainly emphasized during staff training. The two are vital in fostering great relationships with fellow staff, campers, and nature. 

We took some quick breaks from this week’s training sessions to hear how different staff relate to safety and respect while at Cheley. 

“Mountain biking is an intense sport, and it can be really scary. Making sure campers feel heard and discussing any concerns they may have is my favorite way to promote safety. We also create a respectful environment by making sure everyone watches out for each other and works together… that’s important.”

– Kendall Smith Williams, Mountain Biking Counselor, Girls’ Trail’s End

“I’m all about pushing campers to be themselves, and a huge part of that is fostering good energy. Specifically with Campfire, everyone’s energy builds on each other’s so the respect they build and have for each other is what creates a safe environment. I have so many fun things planned and I’m super hyped for the summer.”

-Pierce O’Reilly Spears, Campfire Counselor, Haiyaha  

“Riflery is definitely a program you don’t want to mess around during, and safety is imperative. Of course fun is important, but in my program the safety talk is serious, especially with new campers. I plan to use a three-strike system, so if campers mess around, there’s consequences. As a counselor, paying attention and setting expectations is a huge part of my plan for the summer.”

– Ismini Andreou, Riflery Counselor, Lower Chipeta