July 8th and August 5th

Final Saturday

Final Saturday is a wonderful time to get a snapshot of your camper’s summer playground and meet many of their fellow campers and counselors.


Please bring a water bottle, rain gear, walking shoes (closed-toe), a hat, and sunscreen. While we provide a BBQ lunch on Saturday for all visitors, you may bring a picnic lunch to share with your camper(s). Please remain at camp to enjoy our planned programming, you may not take your camper away from camp until it has concluded. We ask that your camper not use cell phones/social media. We also ask that you do not bring pets.

Chapel (at LOP, GTE, and BTE) and BBQ Lunch

Chapel begins promptly at 11:00 am. Family and friends may begin arriving at 9:45 am. During Final Chapel, a camper from each unit shares a “What Camp Means to Me” speech and there are many songs and musical performances, including Choir, which all campers and staff are invited to join. Campers and staff wear their kerchief and appropriate clothing (Chapel attire) – we welcome you to do the same! BBQ Lunch will be served in Chipeta & Ski Hi Dining Halls at LOP and at BTE and GTE from 11:45 am to 1:30 pm.

Recognition Receptions

During Recognition Receptions, you will have the opportunity to meet and greet the staff. Counselors will give a brief overview of their program area, each unit will celebrate the accomplishments of the summer, including earning a patch or milestone in a program area, participating in a certain activity, or accomplishing a personal goal. At the closing of the reception, we will hold our Citizenship Recognition ceremonies.

Lower Chipeta1:15 to 2:15Chapel
Lower Ski Hi1:15 to 2:15Lower Ski Hi Buddy Ring
Chipeta2:00 to 3:00Chipeta Lodge
Ski Hi2:00 to 3:00Ski Hi Lodge
Senior Chipeta6:30 to 8:00Senior Chipeta Lodge
Haiyaha6:30 to 8:00Haiyaha Lodge (Totem)
Girls' Trail's End1:15 to 2:30GTE Courtyard
Boys' Trail's End1:15 to 2:30BTE Lodge

Other Happenings

Senior Chipeta & Haiyaha –
Pick up luggage, valuables, and meds
Noon to 1:00Senior Chipeta Lodge
Haiyaha Lodge (Totem)
Summer 2024 Enrollment10:00 to 2:30LOP Chapel
Ski Hi Store10:00 to 3:00Ski Hi Camp Store
Woodworking Show10:00 to 3:00Haiyaha Wood Shop
Craft Show10:00 to 3:00Chipeta Craft Shop

Parent Gathering in Town – Siblings Welcome!

Enrollment for Summer Camp 2024 will be open at the Barrel.

The Barrel3:30 to 5:30 pm251 Moraine Ave
Estes Park, Colorado

On Saturday evening, to celebrate the summer and bring closure to an impactful experience, all units will have a special closing Final Campfire. Campers must stay for this important event. You may pick up your camper on Saturday evening after 9:00 pm. On Sunday, pick up your camper between 6:00 am and 8:00 am.