Cheley Staff Reference Questionnaire

To provide the highest quality staff at our summer camp for children, Cheley needs your help. The applicant states that he/she was known by you. We would appreciate it if you would answer the following questions, and we assure you that your answers will be held in strict confidence. If you are more comfortable printing and mailing a paper Reference Questionnaire, please click here. Thank you.
2018-11-09 08:32:27 -0700

Applicant's First Name: Last Name:
How long have you known the applicant? In what capacity?
Reason for leaving?
Would you rehire?

Please check the items for which you have sufficient knowledge about the applicant:
  Excellent Very Good Acceptable Needs Improvement
Co-Worker Relationships
Work habits and organization
Ability to be a team member
Care and compassion for children



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