Summer Camp

All-Camp Gallery


Three dance parties in one evening sound exhausting, but with all the excitement and adrenaline that All-Camp brings – it’s necessary to get the jitters out. After all, units have been writing and practicing their skits for weeks now. 

All of the units gathered at the Land O’Peak’s Chapel in the afternoon for a kickoff to the evening — a horse retreat led by campers with their riding patches. There was a silent awe throughout the Chapel as the sunlight reflected off of the mountains and the RPs raised and lowered the flag. The sound of hoofbeats turned to drum beats as campers filed out of the Chapel, and into Senior Chipeta for dance party #1. BBQ sandwiches fueled everyone before the second dance party — held by CILTS and Campfire counselors on the Ski Hi porch. Next came the main event of the evening: skit performances. 

Both Lower Chipeta and Chipeta performed camp-themed Taylor Swift covers, while Lower Ski Hi sang a rendition of Mambo No. 5. GTE and BTE were on the hunt for lost items in their Dora the Explorer-themed skits. Ski Hi took it to Chourt (Cheley court) in their skit which playfully prosecuted campers for breaking the guidelines of Leave No Trace. Rounding out the night of theatrics, both Haiyaha and Senior Chipeta had to defeat villains that were plotting against them: the ‘Chiddler’ and ‘Anonymous Other Summer Campers,’ respectively. 

Ultimately, it was a successful yet chaotic evening. Ski Hi camper William H. was just happy all the hard work paid off, and they got people to laugh. “Even I laughed too much and forgot my lines,” said William, despite all the practice during campfire. “We prepared for everyone to laugh during their lines, but I guess we couldn’t prepare for the voice cracks.”

After all the lines had been delivered and songs had been sung, the third dance party began this time — a mosh pit. Cheers to a great All-Camp! See some highlights from it in the gallery below!