Give your child the summer of a lifetime!

Here's the Scoop

If you are interested in the summer camp staff openings at Cheley, we'll tell you the same thing we tell prospective campers: This place is fun, the mountain wilderness spectacular and the people amazing. Ancient mountains and forests provide incredible opportunities for exploration and adventure, and fabulous lodges and cabins complement the wilderness setting. Before applying you should also learn about the history of Cheley and what these Colorado summer camp staff positions entail in upholding the unique character at this incredible camp.

"You work hard, but the payoff is huge. I made some of the most important decisions of my life during my summers at Cheley, and met the most amazing people!" Liz, Cheley counselor

You'll spend every day in a place that looks and feels different from where you came from. You'll wake up each morning in the Rocky Mountains with spectacular views, crisp mountain air, and an aromatic scent of pine trees. At night you will be under a blanket of endless stars that sparkle intensely at this altitude. Our favorite morning greeting is, "It's a beautiful day in Colorado!"

So what does it take after getting accepted to this special Colorado summer camp position at the foot of the Rockies? A sense of adventure, a desire to be with people, and leadership skills. Tolerance and patience are necessary, and tons of energy. You spend your days and evenings with 9-17 year-olds, doing all kinds of activities. Some campers are homesick. Some are hesitant to try anything new, others carefree and naive. Cheley gently and lovingly pushes everyone's envelope. You're a role model for young and teen campers, and a support person for your peers.

It's a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best from yourself, you usually get it.

You need to be up for uncertainty and quick decisions; they come with discovery and adventure. We'll help you, of course, first with 8-10 days of professional training in the types of skills important to spending a summer with youth. Our year-round staff is very capable, and never far from the action. The good news is, neither are you. Take a look at our summer camp staff openings for this coming year and apply online.