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Ages & Unit Information

Our goal is send you home feeling good about who you are.  We’ve discovered that the best way to do that is to focus first and foremost on FUN, plus some other things that go into having a terrific time while you’re here. We combine fun with activities and challenges best suited for young people your age.  At this popular Colorado youth summer camp, you’ll have fun plus learn consideration for others and grow as a person. The Fun Plus® concept originated with the man who started the camp, Frank H. Cheley, and it still works today. 

We organize our camp into eight units according to age and gender:

Three girls’ camps named Lower Chipeta (9-11 yrs), Chipeta (12-13 yrs) and Senior Chipeta(14-17 yrs)

Three boys’ camps named Lower Ski Hi (9-11 yrs), Ski Hi (12-13 yrs) and Haiyaha (14-17 yrs) are all located at Land O’ Peaks Ranch, 4 miles south of Estes Park.

Additionally, Girls' Trail's End (12-17 yrs) and Boys' Trail's End (12-17 yrs) are located on a ranch 12 miles east of Estes Park. They’re all terrific camps that offer the same excellent program staffed our enthusiastic counselors. 

Don't forget to see about our Specialty Camps as well. 


"It’s only day 3 and I’ve already done horseback riding and climbing. Yesterday I rang the bell at the very top of the hardest wall! It was awesome." Pierce, Cheley camper

We keep each camp unit small so we can give you lots of individual attention and encouragement. The atmosphere is non-competitive, with activities based on your needs and interests. And yes, the focus is on having fun, regardless of how old you are or which camp unit you’re in.  So if you're looking for a Colorado kids camp or something of a high school summer camp, we split the age groups to provide the best experience for the youth.     


"My favorite counselor and I have the same birthday, and tomorrow I’m going on my first outcamp to Rockstock. I looovvveee it here!" Grace Ann, Cheley camper

You’ll get to know lots of people at Cheley's Colorado youth summer camp. Every week you choose the activities you want to try, which means you’re constantly making new friends. It doesn’t take long for you to feel like you know everyone in your camp. After all, you’re sharing cabins, eating together in the dining hall, doing daytime activities with each other and enjoying one another every evening at campfire. No wonder Cheley feels like your home away from home. 

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