Give your child the summer of a lifetime!

Spend a Summer with Amazing People

More than 200 people from all over the United States and abroad comprise the Cheley summer camp staff. Cheley attracts people who want to make a difference in the lives of youth and who share a common goal with the Cheley family: to make the summer a fun, empowering and enriching experience for all of our campers.

From September to May, we recruit on college campuses throughout the country and conduct phone interviews endeavoring to assemble a strong and capable staff team. We also hire international staff through staff placement agencies who work around the globe. Cheley provides a special environment in which to meet remarkable people. Cheley summer camp staff members work together closely and form great and lasting friendships.

Receive Professional Training

Every Cheley staff member starts the summer with 8-10 days of staff training. You’ll spend time with professionals in the fields of child development, parks and forests, psychology and wilderness medicine. You’ll learn about leadership and team building, and how to positively impact the lives of others—great skills in any work situation.

"After my third summer at Cheley, I knew what I wanted to do with the rest of my life: to live and work in the mountains. Now my life has focus—finally! It’s a great feeling." Nick, Cheley counselor

The training is applicable to most any career you choose to pursue. A successful camp experience helps you develop flexibility, integrity and leadership skills. You’ll gain experience in exercising judgment in many different situations, taking initiative, communicating effectively and maintaining a high level of energy.

As a Colorado summer camp staff member of Cheley, it will push you to grow. The mountains will give you perspective and help you clarify long-term goals. Most importantly, you’ll have fun with great people. The combination is rare, the experience extraordinary.