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Horseback Riding Counselors
Riding counselors are responsible for teaching the fundamentals of western riding and horse care. Campers are taught how to mount, dismount, saddle, bridle, position hands and feet, rein, and tie proper knots along with etiquette and safety practices around horses. We teach limited English seat (older girl's units) in addition to our primary western seat. Riding counselors will ride all week, with all day rides, half day rides in the ring or adjoining ranch, multi-day rides, and horse packing trips. Riding Counselors are also responsible for the planning and presentation of a horse show, where campers show their skills during this 2-3 hour event at the end of each term, during parents' visiting weekend. Cheley owns over 145 horses along with full tack for each. We wear riding helmets, along with typical western style wear and heeled riding boots. There are three riding counselors in each unit. Riding counselors must have prior riding experience. Riding counselors need CPR, and Wilderness First Aid.