Give your child the summer of a lifetime!

Give Your Child the Summer of a Lifetime.

Choosing Colorado summer camps for your children or trips abroad for your children is never an easy task.  As a parent, you want a great summer experience for your child. In a world filled with extraordinary opportunities for young people, Cheley is unique. We offer the chance for personal growth and physical adventure in a spectactular mountain setting. Unlike trips abroad, summer school or summer jobs, camp is about setting aside the time to live in a nurturing and caring community.

"Our daughter came home more confident, independent and self-assured. We couldn’t have asked for a more positive, grounding experience for a girl about to enter adolescence." Rebecca, Cheley parent

Summer camp choices are abundant, but here are some reasons to choose Cheley.  Cheley Camp frequently plays a major role in the development of young people. Our 27-day program has a distinct beginning, middle and end, designed to foster the personal growth of each child. In addition to activities and adventure, our program includes adjusting to camp, learning to be away from home and building new, hands-on skills.   

Cheley campers develop nurturing, trusting relationships with counselors who serve as positive role models in their job as youth development professionals.  We believe young people learn best by doing. In the Rocky Mountains, surrounded by friends and supported by caring counselors, campers indulge in boundless, exuberant fun. Frank Cheley originated Fun Plus® in 1921, and the concept has continued at Cheley for decades. Fun Plus conveys the value we place on having fun while learning how to live life fully, and know and understand ourselves more completely.

Cheley opens every term with the development of a Code of Living in each camp unit. Each session concludes with beautiful banquets and final campfires. All campers participate in honoring the lessons they have learned and the friendships they have formed. We take the time required to build a community of caring citizens who look out for one another, laugh with each other and, in the process, grow up together.  In selecting Colorado summer camps for your children, see what a difference one summer can make at Cheley Camps!     

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