Give your child the summer of a lifetime!

Choose Friendships and fun in the great outdoors

All it takes is one Cheley summer to impact your life in new and wonderful ways. Over 60 trips and adventures that delight, inspire and challenge are available every week. Stand on the summit of a snow-capped peak. Hike to a pristine lake deep in the backcountry. Cozy up to a newborn colt or saddle a horse and ride the wilderness trails. Experience an epic trek through Rocky Mountain National Park or fish for rainbow trout in a cascading and scenic river. Play an awesome game of soccer on an aspen-lined field. Create a special gift for a favorite someone in the craft shop.  Cheley offers extraordinary outdoor Colorado youth camp programs and if you are looking for outdoor Colorado sporting camps, Cheley would be an excellent choice. 

"Where you’re coming from is not nearly as important as where you’re going."

One of the best things about Cheley is our location and ability to offer special Rocky Mountain outdoor programs and activities. We’re situated alongside some of the most majestic peaks in the world. Hidden in the high altitudes of the Rocky Mountains are ancient, untouched slabs of granite and rushing mountain streams sourced from glaciers and snowfields. Through the summer camp hiking program, climbs with stunning views and sun-drenched rappels await you. Some activities offer relaxation and a slower pace; others are physically challenging and will challenge most Colorado sporting camps. 

"Cheley is about challenges, about succeeding and failing. It’s about learning and teaching but most of all, it’s about living." Molly, Cheley camper

Cheley offers a character-building Colorado youth camp program.  There are a variety of challenging and enriching activities, where campers learn to understand and assess risks as they accomplish new skills. They learn how to exercise judgment as they take on new challenges and how to work with a group. Regardless of which activities you choose from the Rocky Mountain outdoor programs, each day revolves around having fun and getting to know great people who share your quest for adventure in a wilderness setting. Our free-choice program is designed to keep friendship groups open and flexible, giving you the chance to meet lots of amazing people.

Whether you’re on your own or at summer camp hiking into the heart of the Rockies or fishing for trout in a clear mountain lake, something in these high mountain places draws you in, pulls you back and lets you know that one incredible summer has just begun.

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