Give your child the summer of a lifetime!

Campers looking for an educational summer camp, mountain summer camp, or a sporting summer camp will find Cheley intertwines all of this into an experience of a lifetime.  Camp is a time of fun and friendship, of physical challenge and thrilling adventure. It’s a chance to step out of your routine and connect with the natural world. Most campers say that Cheley changes them. You feel more solid, focused and engaged in life. Living in the great outdoors, surrounded by mountain peaks, ancient rock and huge ponderosa pines makes you feel more alive, more connected, more in touch with who you are. View our virtural summer camp tour.   This is why Cheley is one of Colorado's top rated summer camps.  To see what parents, campers, and staff are saying about Cheley, view our video testimonials page.  Click here to sign up for a brochure and free DVD of Cheley.           


"I can be myself at camp, with my own achievements and friends, and without the pressures and expectations of home."

Making friends is definitely part of a great camp experience, along with trying new things and testing your limits. You probably have activities that you can’t wait to try, like river rafting or target sports. If you were here last year, you might have new goals for the coming summer. Maybe you’re motivated to earn a riding patch, to hike a higher peak or go on a 3-day backpacking trip.  This mountain summer camp provides options from arts and crafts to solo outcamping.       


"Cheley is my home away from home, with friends and counselors who feel like family."

Of course, there are friends everywhere you go. Many campers form friendships here that last for years, maybe even for a lifetime. A lot of our campers and counselors return to Cheley year after year, which is why the place has the warm, familiar feeling of family at this gorgeous mountain summer camp.  There is so much history to Cheley and its the campers, staff, and management  that continue in keeping Frank Cheley's tradition at this educational summer camp that makes Cheley one of Colorado's top rated summer camps every year.  Coming to camp starts to feel like you’re coming home to a special place that doesn’t exist anywhere else in your life.


"I do stuff I never thought I could do, stuff I never thought possible."

You’ll have an awesome educational summer camp experience up here in the Colorado wilderness, fulfilling big dreams to match these big, beautiful mountains. We can’t tell you what Cheley will mean for you, but we’d love to see you find out. Come to Cheley and experience the summer of a lifetime and see why Cheley is one of Colorado's top rated summer camps!  

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