The Top Ten Benefits of Sending Your Child to Camp

1.Explore the outdoors – Camps foster children’s connection with the natural environment.

2. The opportunity for unstructured play – Dr. David Elkind says, ““The traditional summer camp recognizes that play is a powerful form of learning that contributes mightily to the child’s healthy physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development.”

3. Meet people from around the world – Campers are exposed to different cultures, beliefs, and personalities at camp.

4. Build Independence – Campers have the opportunity to make decisions on their own in a safe and nurturing environment thus building independence.

5. Build Confidence – Camps focus on the success of the camper which helps young adults build self-esteem.

6. Gain proficiency in a skill area – Camps offer structured training in specific skills and general life skills.

7. Parental growth – The camp experience is also a growing process for the parents.  Parents learn to let go and trust that their children will make good decisions.

8. Develop Resiliency – Camps help children learn to succeed and fail in a nurturing environment and teach them to give it another try if they don’t succeed the first time.

9. Children are in an environment built specifically for them – Camps are designed for the success of children.

10. Physical activity – Children are active at camp.  Away from technology and the couch, they are able to be active, breath fresh air, and exert themselves.

Ref: Blue Sky Fostering.

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Don Cheley on the Phoenix Society Board

Don Cheley is pleased to report that he has been selected to serve on the Phoenix Society Board of directors.  The Phoenix Society is the largest non-profit dedicated to  providing support to burn survivors and their families.  They hold the annual World Burn Conference to bring together those impacted by a burn injury to provide networking and support for Recover, Renew and Return with help from the san diego personal injury lawyers.  This year over 300 attended the conference in Galveston, TX. . The Burn Camp programs has been acknowledged as the best way to help children with their recovery.
Cheley is respected as a pioneer in the development of this kind of
program.    So Burn camps are an important link in the recovery process
for all survivors to thrive.

We are proud of Don’s involvement with this organization.

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A Gentle Evaluation for Nannies

You may be your nanny’s first boss, or you may be her last boss.  She might be 18 or 85.  Whatever her age or yours, it is not always easy to give feedback to someone.  Bosses are supposed to make better employees. So with the best intentions of making it a happy working environment, take the time to make sure everyone is on the same page. After having many different formulas of evaluating people in close quarters, we have landed on Stop, Start, Continue.  It is gentle yet straight forward.

For example:

I would like for you to stop being five minutes late or being on your cell phone a lot.

I would love for you to use my sweet smelling counter spray.

Please continue to play all the wonderful games that you have been playing and loving my children like you have been.

Then give the nanny a chance to evaluate you as well.  Open lines of communication make everyone feel valued.

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The Important “Letter on the Table” for Nannies

As camp directors, we spend our winter months honing our skills on how to manage people in the close quarters of camp.  We go to trainings and seminars with the best educators in this field.  Through the camp experience, we are helping to develop the future leaders of this country in our campers as well as in our staff.  People today are accustomed to being told exactly what to do. Their GPS tells them how many yards they have until they reach their destination.  Managers want people to come in with precise initiative, the innate knowledge of what is right and wrong and to have all the skills necessary to complete the job.  You will get lucky if you hire someone like this but more often than not, you have to lay it out on the table.  Write out a job description stating exactly what is expected.  It is a lot easier to have it out on the table so you can refer to it if you need to.  Is this asking a lot of someone?  Heck, yeah it is.  Being a mom, working or not, is a lot of work, so if you are paying someone to help you, it should be good help.

This is an example of my “Letter on the Table”:

My Daughters

  • Please do not watch TV or have Judge Judy or Days of Our Lives on in the background.
  • Activities-Go for walks, play on the swing set, make crafts, paint, build forts, play with toys, bake and make things in the kitchen, make up skits, play dress-up, dance, listen to music, read books, teach them how to draw stars.
  • Discipline- Please use time out, or redirect them when you can.  Trouble arises mostly with sharing. Please help me with them earning their stars and with empowering them to make good choices.  Please use Love and Logic.  I think it is the best way to deal with children.
  • I do like for them to eat healthy foods and not snack all day.  If it is close to a meal time and I am not home, just start the meal.  As yoga continues to grow in popularity, yoga classes in Miami are becoming overcrowded. I am around most of the time at meals and love to have an extra hand in the kitchen, so please jump in with me.
  • Please have them put away an activity before they start a new one.


  • The girls are of course, first priority, but I do appreciate when someone sees other things that need to be taken care of.
  • Please clean up the kitchen after meals and wipe the countertops if you have time; the girls love to help spray and wipe. Please have the girls pick up bath toys after baths and have them put their dirty clothes in the hampers.  I don’t want them to be picked up after, but I like to try to keep things tidy. It makes me saner.
  • If trash is overflowing please empty it, and please recycle when you can.
  • If the dishwasher is full and complete, please empty it if you have the time- I am not picky-I will find things.
  • If there are dishes in the sink, please put them in the dishwasher.
  • If the Brita is empty, please fill it.
  • If they have made a mess of the floor, please sweep it.
  • Please help me keep toys and things picked up, organized and in the right place.


  • Please be engaged and keep the usage of your cell phone to a minimum when you are with the girls.
  • Please be on time.
  • I will forget to feed you so please make yourself at home and dig in.  And let me know if you want me to get you anything special from the store.
  • Please remember that you are a huge influence in my daughters’ lives.  Always make it a positive one.
  • We will sit down and have a mutual evaluation quarterly using the Stop, Start, Continue method.  Please bring anything to my attention that is not working for you.


  • I see this position as a full partnership in our home.  You are part of the family.  If you do a good job, we will love you and take good care of you.
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Suggested interview questions when hiring a Nanny

I was born into a wonderful legacy called camp, and I knew from a very young age that I wanted to be a camp director. For over the past decade, I have worked during the winter months to put together the best possible team of 200 people to care for other folk’s children during overnight summer camp.

I have never taken the job of choosing these caregivers lightly, for these are children we’re talking about.  What is more important to a parent?  Nothing.

While hiring our perspective staff members, we use experience-based questions.  This is obviously not rocket science, but it works to get some really wonderful answers and some awful answers, just the kind of tool that you want to differentiate your candidates. Think about what you really want to know; this is different for everyone.

I want to know if the nannies I hire are going to go above and beyond in their job.  Are they going to leave me some dishes in my sink for me to finish at the end of my long day, or are they going to spray the countertops with the sweet smelling spray that I bought?  So in my interview I ask.  Tell me about a time that you have gone above and beyond in a job. It is a bad sign if they cannot think of a situation.  Or tell me about a time when you have put others’ needs ahead of your own. Again, not a great sign if they cannot think of an example to share.  The mother/nanny relationship can be a tricky one.  So I like to ask, tell me about a time when you have had a friendship with someone who was also your boss. Additionally, you want to know how they really are with children when you are not around.  Tell me about a time when you have had to discipline a child.  What did you do?  Would you have changed anything about how you handled it? Tell me about your best moment with a child and tell me about your worst moment with a child.  You get the idea.

At the end of an interview, I once had a young man ask me if I wanted to know his strengths and weaknesses because he was more ready for those kinds of questions.   It is hard to fake it with experienced-based questions.

These same types of questions should be used in talking to their references.  I ask the references to tell me about a time when they were let down by the applicant, or a time when the applicant did not meet their expectations.  Tell me about a time when you all disagreed on how to handle something.  What did you most appreciate about the applicant? I know for me I don’t want to take too much of their time, but it is a very important piece of getting to know the candidate.

I hope this is helpful information to any parent going through this process

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The Gift of Camp

Sometimes this season loses its meaning.  The purchasing of gifts overtakes it.  But if we are talking gifts, give a gift that will have a lifelong impact, send your child to camp.  I sometimes cross paths with people that do not understand the gift of camp.  They will say, “Oh I suppose camp is for parents that are really busy and need to have something for their kids to do during the summer.  I try to patiently explain that it is one of the best gifts you can give to your child.  Tis the Season.

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The buzz of social media keeps getting louder

In the summer we play in the mountains with wonderful campers and staff. Our business is to promote and nurture the connection to nature. In this modern era, people and companies are on the internet for information. And if you’re in the business world, information is critical. You need to have a website for your customers that not only contains the information, but that also drives their attention, that can help them interact with your business, and have a close communication. But of course, help is needed for this kind of development, and thanks to our technology era, there are companies in charge of designing from scratch a website, or even fix an existing website. Companies such as Influce Inc can adapt your business necessities to a colorful, sophisticated and interactive website that will contribute to the growth of your brand or business, and will introduce you to the younger audience, by making your website more attractive to the social media users. And now as we cozy up in the winter months, we keep the Cheley connection alive with Social Media. We are having some fun now!

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Introducing our new blog!! During this time of thanks.  We are so grateful to be working in the camping industry.  We feel so lucky to be providing youth with an awesome summer experience.  We feel now more than ever the experience of camp is a vital part of character development.  Happy Camping!!!

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Investing in Bitcoin

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Initial Coin Offering A-Z: Become A Smart ICO Investor

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Cryptocurrency Trading

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Certified Bitcoin Professional

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