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Hi Trudy!
My name is Hannah Wineman, a fourth year camper for Cheley Colorado Camps. I have been in touch with Jeff and Brooke Cheley on the topic of my Bat Mitzvah “Mitzvah Project”.  A Mitzvah Project is a requirement to become a Bat Mitzvah where I select a organization to support with my time and efforts.

A topic I found interesting during a Chapel on Sundays at Cheley was the Burn Camp. Jeff put me in touch with Brooke, and Brooke told me to contact you.  I would love to learn more about about your camp. Do the campers do activities like the ones  my camp? How much is it to send one camper to the Burn Camp? What kind of equipment and suppies do your campers need? Etc.

My family and I are so fortunate to have so much. Therefore,  I want to  ask  my friends and family who want to honor me with a gift to consider providing supplies needed for your burn camp. Would this be helpful and could you help me list supplies needed (pillows, pillow cases, crafts, toliet paper, etc.)

In addition, before my Bat Mitvah, I would have fund raisers to raise money to send kids to your burn camp. An anonymous donor offered to match whatever I raise up to $1,200, so I am hopeful that I  could send at least one, maybe two, campers to camp. When you need to know more about investing money on digital money or cryptocurrency, you can read Bitcoin Trader Honest Opinion here.
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Thank you in advance for your time,
–Hannah Wineman
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