Spots Open at Cheley

It is March and summer is on the horizon! We are busy preparing for a fabulous 97th summer. We continue to be humbled by the interest in the Cheley Experience. One of our units for first term (Lower Chipeta) and five of our second term units are full with waitlist.

Lower Chipeta is full with a waiting list both terms. During first term, we have space for boys 9 to 17 or girls 12 to 17. Second term, we have space for boys or girls 12 to 17. These numbers can always change with cancellations or a few registrations in a unit.

Now more than ever, children need a break from technology and the constant “on-the-go” lifestyle that we tend to lead. At camp, children are able to spend time being better people. They learn how to care about others, communicate at a deeper level, and just be a kid.

Check out our amazing 2016 Promotional video. You can also watch the unit videos from 2016 on Vimeo.

If you know someone that would be interested in the Cheley Experience, please share our website and promotional video with them. We have also created a website with some wonderful text to help you share the Cheley Experience with your contacts. Check it out at

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