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Just before Christmas, when shopping is all the rage, I got to do my favorite type of shopping. My favorite thing to shop for is horses. Going to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) holding facility in Canon City is the answer to my wildest horse shopping dreams. The Colorado Correctional Industries in Canon City, Colorado works with the BLM to train, adopt out, house, and care for up to 3,500 mustangs at a time. It’s horsey heaven!

At the holding facility, people can find just about any horse to meet their needs. You can find horses that are saddle trained, halter trained, pack burros, old and young horses, mares or gelding, burros, and horses of many different colors. Adopting a saddle trained horse, which I get to watch be ridden by the inmates first and then can ride myself, have to meet certain qualifications before they are consider adoptable. The horses have to load in a trailer, pick their feet up, be able to catch, as well as a few other criteria that make them great candidates for being camp horses, think Munchie, Felon, or Spitfire. Inmates, get training from horse trainers, to start and get horses going, it’s simply amazing what their horses are exposed to before we get them. In December I adopted 3! Clyde, Chow, and Rusty!
In addition to the saddle trained horses, I love to walk through the pens of horses that are considered untouched. Meaning that while they’ve seen humans, through being fed and other exposure, no one has worked with them in any manner. Some are tall, some are small, some are thin, some are stocky, and it’s like the perfect shoe store but for horses. I picked out a cute, stocky, sorrel that was friendly enough that I could pet in the pen. I will work with him and hopefully have him ready by the time camp starts, I’ve named him Pickle, and he was born in a long term management pasture in Oklahoma. When he arrived, he had never been touched or haltered, now he is packing a saddle and bridle and is almost ready to be ridden. He’s such a lover and has already stolen my heart.

In addition to having my heart stolen by ponies, I’ve recently happily handed it over to the man of my dreams and changed my last name to Schroeder. We’re excited to start building our life while living at Cheley.
Much love to everyone.  Please let me know if you have any questions.



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