Last Thursday, roughly thirty staff arrived to Estes Park to prepare camp for the summer. We call it “Pre-Camp”, but it is much more than that.

It is simultaneously an immense amount of work and an exciting time for staff. Every morning after breakfast, the crew meets at the Trans Station. Here, we review the work for the day, separate into groups depending on tasks, and tackle camp!

Roads have been swept, cabins diligently cleaned, and horses shoed. Every day new tasks are added to the list as camp is carefully surveyed by the leadership team of Richard “Smitty” Smith, Don and Jeff Cheley, and Maintenance Supervisor Mike Supinski.

I never knew how much work went into getting Cheley ready for campers, but after a long, snowy winter in the Rockies, the effort is definitely needed.

While the days are long, we are fortunate to enjoy delicious meals in between work, and a much appreciated coffee break at 2:00pm.

And we all know, it wouldn’t be Cheley Camps without making everyday memorable. Singing, dancing, laughing all day – Campers aren’t even here, but the fun-loving energy is already radiating throughout camp!

Pre-Camp marks the beginning. The beginning of new friendships, new adventures, and an incredible summer on the way. We could not be happier to be here.

On June 5th, we will welcome the full staff to camp and begin Staff Training. As the snow on the peaks continues to melt and camp becomes more ready, we anxiously prepare for a summer edging closer and closer!

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