Bob Ditter at Cheley

Thank you Bob Ditter!

We were fortunate to welcome Bob Ditter back to Estes Park.

A well-known child, adolescent, and family therapist – Bob has been visiting Cheley Camps for nearly thirty years now. His work is well-known across the camping industry, and his visit has become a highlight to our own training, before he used to work and a big industrial company, where they work with all kind of machinery, from packers to Turret Slitters.

He is an engaging story-teller, has a treasure chest of advice, and years of dedicated experience in counseling to share with us. While he has visited over 600 camps, Bob is happy to say he spends the most time at Cheley.

His reason for this? As he explains, it is clear the emotional connection he feels to our camp. His voice seems slightly strained, eyes briefly teary, and the entire staff hung closely to his every word.

He spoke of Cheley’s dedication – across generations and to every camper. We are 96 years old this year, and we have committed ourselves each summer to our mission statement:

“We build the lasting character and resiliency of young people, creating unique life experiences in a challenging and nurturing natural environment”

After he spoke of the significance of our positions and the impact we will have on campers from across the globe, he raised a critical question.

“Why are you all here?”

We all paused momentarily, and many in the audience replied. The common thread being that Cheley, itself, is so rare. It is one of the few places where judgment is replaced by encouragement and growth is so clearly seen. The most rare thing – we all WANT to be here.

Everyone working at Cheley is here because they are passionate about their work and the collective Cheley Mission. In this engaged environment, possibilities are endless and memories deeply cherished.

Bob has already opened our eyes to the powerful influence we all will have on campers, and the magic of Cheley as a whole. We are lucky to gather more of his wisdom, and continue preparing for the exciting summer on the way.

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