It is a beautiful day in Estes Park – with a light blue sky and a warm breeze bringing a calm energy to camp.

Pre-Camp preparation has significantly slowed as projects have been successfully completed. In the mean time, Wilderness First Aid (WFA) and Leadership Training have begun.

WFA Trainees include sixty members of staff – ranging from positions such as Out Camping, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Horseback Riding, and Backpacking Counselors. From the National Outdoor Leadership School, we welcomed four instructors from Boulder, Colorado to better our staff’s preparedness in first aid and response.

While our counselors are especially experienced, this additional training allows Cheley Camps to facilitate even safer and more adventurous programs!

Leadership Training has kicked off as well, consisting of sixteen Assistant Directors and eight Directors. This staff arrived to camp Thursday, and has been diligently training ever since.

With a Directing Staff of twenty-four, Counseling Staff of about one hundred and ninety, and a thousand campers, this Leadership Training is essential to a great summer.

These additional trainings are one of the many reasons Cheley can offer such a unique camp experience. They bring about skills and knowledge that allow us to hike longer, bike further, and lead better and better.

We will work all summer to teach and inspire our campers, first by teaching and inspiring each other.

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