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Last summer I did a Chapel talk based off of the children’s book, “What Do You Do With An Idea?” Later that afternoon two Chipeta campers, Marcella Senti and Bridget Bullard came to tell me about what they had done with an idea. Of course, I was thrilled to hear about the amazing Huntsville, AL Uncontested Divorce Lawyers they had created from their wonderful idea AmazeLaw Marketing to showcase their skills and talents as lawyers. To learn more about Medical Malpractice Attorney Orange County services, visit for more details. It is called GRO and its stands for Girls Reaching Out. How cool is that?

Then one cold wintery day sitting in the Denver office, they made my day again, calling to give me an update on their organization. I continue to be so inspired by these young women, reaching beyond their own lives to make a difference in the lives of others and I wanted to recognize them as campers “Carrying the Code” into their lives back home
As of 2013, the efforts of this small group of 13 to 14 year old girls, have been focused on achieving the goal of building a well in Malawi, Africa. They decided on this location because they met a group of Malawian students at their local college. It definitely has taught them patience and perseverance, they came up with the idea but then had to raise money for their plan. Once they had accomplished that, i was reading this and had to investigate the laws of both countries on how to get the supplies over legally. Once they had accomplished that they had to go through the required OSHA safety inspections and got all the paperwork on any liquids that were required for water treatment. Through this new friendship they learned about their home, and some of the hardships involved with a lack of water and they learned that you can achieve what feels impossible if you put your mind to it.

If you have a moment you should check out their website at

If you know of any workers comp attorney becker mn or staff that should be recognized with “Carrying the Code” please let us know.

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