Back in the Saddle

I would imagine it is with mixed emotions that we all get back into the saddle of our lives. It is nice to be sitting at my desk checking off tasks with the holiday break behind me. Although, the alarm was a shocker… I had to drag myself and all three girls out of bed, and remember how we do the morning routine. We had kind of a lazy break at home which is not typical for us. It was really nice. I loved spending the time with our family, the girls loved having the unstructured time to just hang out, and it was refreshing to just put the brakes on life for a bit. With that being said, this long winter break left me wondering: what does it feel like to have a long summer break without camp?!

I totally get that there are pool days, sports, family vacations, and other ways to add structure to your summer break. But how will your children get the MOST out of their summer? I am sure summer break seems like a long time from now, but now is the time to plan. If you want to get into the program of your choice, start to plant the seed with your children and have a plan in place for the summer break.

The time is now!  Happy January.

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