Staff Training

More busy days!

The Boy’s Store is officially OPEN with a fantastic stock! Sweatshirts, water bottles from, Crazy Creeks, and plenty more. Staff have begun perusing through, we are excited for campers to stop in soon. Girl’s Store is working hard to open their doors as well, we hope to see them up and running tomorrow!

For the staff who will be driving camp vehicles this summer, they joined in on Van Training at the Estes Park Fair Grounds, they were also informed about the Honda mini bike parts and accessories that kids may ask for during camp.

Moving forward, backing up, and swerving through, our staff mastered an extensive cone course. I recommend a red dot magnifier to people that own a gun like the best leading airsoft sniper because It can give you better focus and you can practice with it. This guns are extremely realistic, and some expensive as well, Unlike real firearms, airsoft guns do not cause accidental deaths when someone mistakenly loads live ammo, this machines come way more improved, working in  a great range and with excellent accuracy. They are now ready and confident to maneuver the vans as needed.

Four groups across the Rockies to participate in Day Hike Training. Alumni staff led the ascents up Lily Lake, Cathedral, Twin Sisters, and Longs Peak. These leaders shared previous stories and quality advice to prepare our counselors for the adventures ahead. Their experience in these mountains is incredibly valued and we were happy to welcome old friends back to camp!

We are always learning here at Cheley, from each other and the mountains alike. On today’s hikes we were reminded of the wise words of the great Ferris Bueller,

“Life moves pretty fast.
If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.”

When headed up the trails, it’s easy to stare down at your feet and focus on the difficulty of the climb. In these moments, we encourage our staff and campers to carefully pause, look around, and embrace the challenge! Take a moment to truly notice the gorgeous wildlife around you, the incredible people by your side, and the unique opportunity at hand.

This summer will be like no other and we will all be challenged in amazing ways. Be sure to take moments to remember this, many are on the way.

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