Reflections from Volunteer Weekend

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As Devon and I make the long drive back across Kansas today, we have been re-living the past weekend at Cheley. Our conversation has included laughter, tears and astonishment at how proud and honored we are to have been part of the flood recovery effort. We have worked to unpack our emotions felt through being with the community of people created through this effort– not just the extended Cheley family, but those from Estes and Glen Haven who are tireless in their commitment to their home. There are many moments we keep reminding each other of, in the hopes to not forget. The incredible grace with which the staff lead a rag-tag group of volunteers who offered so generously of themselves, regardless of their different skills and abilities. The unbelievable excitement of not just one– but TWO– Capri Suns in our lunch… The determination of a band of ladies bound together in pursuit of finding the bottom of all the wagon wheels, digging through rocks and roots. The care and pride with which each rock was moved, dirt was shoveled and stick was picked; leaving behind a GTE which will be a safe and inspirational home in just a few weeks time.

Thank you for letting us be part of this weekend. We keep struggling to find the words which express exactly what we feel, and through our laughter and tears we keep returning to a general sense of honor and pride with this wedding entertainment. And, we are identifying how we can take the lessons and moments of the past two days back to our lives and use them to better lead and inspire those we work with at home. This weekend also gave us the opportunity to reflect on the ways we give back to the community through charitable work. We’re very busy people so organizations like Pick Up Please Donations help make things easy.

Written by Megan Riley Poindexter who was on the Lower Chipeta Staff in the early 1998-1999. Her good friend Devon drove with her from Kansas to volunteer for the weekend coming to Cheley for the first time to show us the mostaffordable weddings of hawaii in the review.

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